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The thing about the weird schism the X-Men had had was that the people she now saw every week when she went back to the Jean Grey School to teach didn't need to come here to see her, and the ones who'd stayed with Scott didn't really seem to be in a rush to come see her. Which was a thing she'd have to work out with them.

Either way, Kitty had a totally free Parents Weekend for the first time since she'd first come here, so she was at work and ready to talk to anyone who wanted to talk to her.

[And open here too!]
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Scott had called first, telling Kitty all about his blowup with Logan, and how things were splitting up. He'd asked her to join his team, come back to teach, and while she'd entertained thoughts, she'd said she would think about it but didn't have any real want to do it.

Today Logan called while she was walking the dogs. It was a much longer conversation, and he was opening a new school in Jean's honor, and he wanted Kitty to help him. Maybe it was the "help" word, or maybe it was just because it was Logan, but she found herself seriously considering it.

She'd hung up by the time she got home and let the dogs in, calling, "Honey, we're hoooome."

[For the booooy.]
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The day had started out normal enough. Kitty had started off teaching her classes, listened to her students read their reports, and then towards the end of her last of the day, she was called to the infirmary.

Logan had been meeting with Captain America on the premesis, but he came down as soon as he was able. He didn't ask for an explanation, but Kitty knew better and gestured to Quentin Quire and Rachel in infirmary beds in front of them.
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Kitty had spent her morning catching up on paperwork at the bar- something she felt like no one else ever said ever- and then on her way back home, swung out to pick up a pizza.

Look, hard work deserved pizza, okay?

"Honey, I'm home," she called as she phased through the door like normal. (Seriously, why would she ever use a door.)

[For the hubby!]
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After last week's... whole thing, Kitty was planning on just having a quiet weekend in. So she was going about her morning as usual, making some eggs and pancakes because she felt like it while she waited for the coffee to brew.

You'd think by now she'd realize that prom last night meant there was a fifty/fifty shot it would be one of those weekends, but it hadn't occurred to her yet.

[For the fam!]
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Kitty at least had not thought about what was going on today when she and Clint decided on a belated birthday trip, but it was turning out to be a good thing. It was hard to watch TV or tweet or whatever when you were busy making your husband try on ears.

"Try these," she said, handing him a pair.

[Yep. For the poor husband.]
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Kitty didn't exactly hate it when Chrismakkuh came up, since it was sort of nice to celebrate all at once. And it also meant splitting their time a little, having gone back to Kitty's New York yesterday.

And today she was sitting on the floor of Clint's place in his New York, trying to get Rook to sit still to get a Santa hat on her. "Okay, what you're not seeing here is that it's going to be adorable," she reasoned.

Lucky was probably more used to this.

[For the hubby!]
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Sure, Kitty was waking up in a new bed and there was a boy there. That was important for roughly four seconds.

Because on the approximate fifth second, she'd realized there were puppies in the room, and clearly it was more important to be on the floor and playing with them. And maybe shrieking with glee once or twice when one of them would try to lick her face.

[For the sorta-hubby, to live the lives we as a people deserve for ourselves.]
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There was actually going to be a game seven. Kitty had maybe thought this would be a calm "they did good!" party, but instead you were going to get to watch her freak out on the couch, and probably freak out themselves because come on.

Cubs gear was preferred, but there were hats and little pennants to go around, and if you thought she hadn't stuck caps on the dogs you were incorrect and frankly should know her better.

[Open party!]
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Kitty could have gone to chaperone the dance. But she was a lfelong Cubs fan on the night of a clincher game, and do she had to stay home.

So if at some point before 11 people heard the absolute shrieks of "CUBS WIN!! CUBS WIN?!!!"... well, you had some clue about what happened.

Sorry, Clint. Sorry, dogs.

[Had to be done. Can be open!]
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It was going to be a full house this weekend between her guests and Clint's, and so Kitty was on her best behavior. This maybe had something to do with the fact that she was a little uncomfortable around her so-called best friend these days, and also something to do with being limited on space and knowing people would be all over the house. Normally she might make a beeline for coffee in the morning, but today she showered and dressed and then made a beeline for coffee.

And while she was at it, she might as well start on pancakes. There couldn't be any weirdness around pancakes, right?

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Kitty had fully intended to stay in bed and sleep until either someone physically came to get her, or she got hungry. Whichever came first. It wasn't even that she was tired, just lazy. So she rolled over to find a new comfy position... and there was a boy there. A boy she didn't even know. He definitely didn't go to the Xavier School.

Hopefully he didn't mind being woken up by the little shriek and Kitty practically jumping off the bed, a totally mature reaction.

[For the hubby but not!]
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Kitty was really tired of being a literal kitty. She wanted a real bath, and a hamburger, and also opposable thumbs again. It was tougher when Clint wasn't in any shape to help out, either, and it was pretty clear the dogs were over this whole situation, too.

So for now, she was laying on the sofa, emitting the occasional pitiful meow as she tried to work the remote to turn the TV on.

[For that guy!]
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When this was over and Kitty was herself again, she was going to give serious thought to taping something above the wall that told her who she was for days like this.

But she didn't have that now, so when she sat up, she was confused and mildly panicked to be in a room she didn't recognize, in a bed with a guy she didn't know, and not know how she got there. She didn't feel hungover? So she was trying very quietly to get up and find clothes, and at least finding those was pretty intuitive even when you didn't know who you were.

[For the hubby and SP!]
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The X-Men had left New York for an island off San Francisco that they called Utopia, which Scott was running as the new base of operations. Kitty had known about that, but it was kind of weird to be here as a guest, where she didn't have her normal room, where she often didn't know where things were. It felt off.

Kurt's memorial had been yesterday, which threw everything else into feeling off, too. Everyone was sad, especially the people she was closest to. She couldn't even talk to Logan, he was taking it that hard. And while normally she'd have grabbed Illyana for some distraction time, Illyana was off, too, and her team seemed really wary of outright afraid of her. So there was that.

This morning Kitty had given up trying to fit in in a new situation, and just went outside a little early to sit on the rocks and look out over at the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. This part at least was good.

[For the hubby!]
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Kitty had thought her biggest problem today was going to be that the last of her clothes had wandered off and she was going to be stuck in the same clothes she'd slept in all day. And then she got the call from Logan, and the clothes thing was the furthest thing from her mind.

She'd been sitting on the bed for a while, unfortunately unable to ignore her phone because it seemed like everyone wanted to make sure she knew what happened to Kurt when all she really wanted to do was not deal with it yet. With her particular group of friends, you got used to people dying on you, but there were times it hurt way more than others.

[La. Can be open.]
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With the Earthbound Brood portaled out to who knows where, and a lot of people probably infected, Kitty felt a little torn in several directions today on top of all the massive guilt. And despite fighting today, getting information out and getting a plan together and knowing there was more information that still had to get out, she also knew that her priority right now was calling Hank.

[Can be open if you're good for SP!]
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Kitty had a bad habit of overthinking things, and the last couple weeks had given her a lot of material. And after overthinking all through getting ready for today, she decided she should probably address it.

She went downstairs, saying, "So, should we talk?"

[For the husband!]
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Kitty hadn't given much thought to what weekend it was, so it was just another morning when she finally got up. She went downstairs, put on some coffee and fed the dogs, and then stood at the counter to try and make the coffee brew faster with the power of her mind.

Yep, just your typical Saturday so far.

[For the husband, and tiny people!]
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Kitty had a feeling that at some point she was going to end up having to frantically take pictures of random things here, because when her mom asked how the honeymoon was, Kitty could not say that she and Clint hadn't really left the room.

Because of course they hadn't. They'd kept to themselves and seen very little and that was totally fine. And it also meant Kitty had to remember to put a robe on before answering the door for room service.

"Food's here," she said, carrying the tray over to the bed.

[For the husband!]
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Once the wedding was done, everyone moved inside for the reception. There were plenty of lights strung up, and despite all the worries over where to seat people, there was enough room for everyone and probably no fights would break out during the reception at least. Everyone cross your fingers.

It was time for a party!

[Same verse same as the first! If you want to be here, you got an invite.]
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The sun had gone down (you're welcome, vampire friends) and the lights brightening the outside of Avengers Tower had gone on. The outcropping had been decorated nicely with promises to Tony that it would be back to normal in the morning. There was a huppa on the far end with a certain blue mutant there to officiate, and plenty of seating on either side of the aisle for guests.

When the music started, Lucky and Rook were sent down the aisle first, wearing little doggie tuxes, with one carrying the rings on a pillow on his back. When they finally got up there, they were followed by Lockheed, tossing flowers out of a basket pretty much because he had opposable thumbs and that gave him flower dragon status.

And then Kitty came out, looking happy enough that she'd probably bounce all the way down the aisle if she didn't have Logan on her arm on the way. It was time to get this wedding started.

[If you think you got an invite, you did. Yay wedding!]
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There'd been a couple days back home, which had involved a reunion with Kitty's formerly dead best friend, a lot of confusion over the story of how, a general uneasy feeling partially because of the story of how (no one should feel good about part of someone's soul getting stolen, let's put it that way), and an argument with Peter about all of it.

And now back at home with some time to process, Kitty said from the couch, "So that was weird."

[For the guy who gets to marry into all this!]
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Kitty's phone had died at some point during the week, so it wasn't until she got home and plugged it in to charge that she saw how many calls and messages she'd missed. Peter had tried contacting her upwards of twenty times, which was worrying. But maybe not too worrying, since everyone else hadn't tried? It probably meant no one had died, at least. So Kitty tried calling.

And he wasn't picking up. Dammit, Peter.

So figuring he was on a mission, she called the mansion, since at this point someone had to be able to tell her what was going on. She dialed- she still remembered the number from before speed dial- and waited for someone to pick up.


When Kitty recognized the voice, she felt like her heart stopped for a minute. She couldn't be hearing that right. "Who's this?"

"Who's asking?" The thing was, in the tone, it sounded like she knew already.


"Then it's about time," said Illyana.

A moment later Kitty was hanging up to pull up the Portalocity app.

And a moment after that she was dialing the mansion again to explain to a confused Illyana, "I'm so sorry, my brain broke and I jumped the gun on hanging up."

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Last week Kitty and Allie had made shopping plans. That was before this week happened. And as much as Kitty wanted to be at home with Clint right now, by the end of the week you needed little breaks, to remember that the outside world was there, and to like, hydrate and stuff.

"Raise your hand if you're wondering how fast we can do this in order to get back," Kitty said as they stepped into the store.

[For the friendly neighborhood vampire!]
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For Kitty, Valentine's Day had gone from it's just another day to one of her favorite days of the year, due in no small part to her now-fiance. Or due entirely to him, whatever. It also helped that they acted the same on Valentine's Day that they did the rest of the year, so it was more like a day to appreciate how hard she'd lucked out here.

Also helping, flowers!

Once she'd brought them inside, she called, "Special delivery!" while setting them on the coffee table so she could start looking at cards.

[For the fiance, and all the SP!]
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Kitty had had these done for a couple weeks, but made herself wait until it was actually two months until the date in order to send them. And when it was exactly two months eeeeee, out the invitations went. Also enclosed were cards telling people exactly how to get to the correct dimension which was going to be really hard to explain to a few relatives, but it needed to happen.

you're all invited! )

And officially Kitty was going to lose her brain to this from here on out. Sorry, everyone she dealt with.

[Text: You are cordially invited to the wedding of Katherine Pryde and Clint Barton
Saturday, March 25, 2016
Wedding and reception at Avengers Tower

If you think you got it, you did, and you get to come, yay!]
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Thanksgiving had been a little abnormal because it was hard to do dinner when one of you couldn't eat, and Hanukkah had just been a mess. But this Christmas could be a good one, and Kitty definitely appreciated it more, even if it wasn't actually her holiday.

She and Clint had gone back to his New York for the holiday, where they could see everyone and not have to worry about anything invading (hopefully). There was a Christmas movie on TV, there was coffee, and there was a happy Kitty on the couch saying, "I'm really glad we came here."

[For the fiancé!]
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Last night had been a nightmare. When it was all over, there were bodies to be dealt with, Peter and Logan and Scott were in the infirmary and realistically Clint probably should have been too, and Kitty had died, albeit temporarily. There'd been some insistence that she should get checked out after that, but (death aside) she'd really never been better, healthwise. Besides, after months of not really even being able to touch her fiance, she'd wanted to be able to jump him already the quality time.

She woke up early, because even if she'd gotten too little sleep her body clock was entirely screwed up now, and she kept her eyes closed, snuggling closer to Clint because she could. "Best morning ever," she murmured.

[For the guy she can actually snuggle with again whee!]
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the end of a little two-month arc )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Preplayed with the always awesome [ profile] so_hawkward, and taken from Uncanny X-Men #538. Warning for character death, yes again.]


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