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and lo, peter has moved on from beating up kitty's bf's )

[NFB, NFI, OOC yadda yadda. One bit from Astonishing X-Men #6 and then I just went ahead and trounced on the rest, oops.]
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When they'd left what was left of Benetech, Kitty just wanted to get back to the mansion and crawl into bed and let everything sink in. Except on the way she'd found out that while she'd been getting Peter, the Stepford Cuckoos had reached out to Emma to tell her something was wrong there. That meant that once they got back, there were freaked-out kids to deal with, along with Wing himself, and Kitty barely had the energy to deal with it. That went for mental and emotional energy along with the physical kind. She tried anyway.

Finally, when Logan took it upon himself to get Peter settled in, he also told Kitty to go the hell to bed and things would still be broken in the morning, and that was all the encouragement she needed. She just went straight up to her (and Clint's, when he was here) room, phased out of her costume and threw on a sleep shirt and then flopped onto the bed without even bothering with the covers. It was that kind of night.

[For the Avenger!]


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