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Clint and Kitty had always been low-key about things like holidays, so there weren't huge plans for today. Which was probably good, since the blizzard probably would have put a wrench in things anyway, and also, the whole pollen thing meant the odds would have been against them even making it out the door. Luckily there were dogs that had to be taken care of or they'd never leave.

Kitty had volunteered to do just that today, figuring the cold would at least cool her down a little, and on the way back she stopped to get Chinese to bring back for dinner. (This was maybe based on being able to add "in bed" to the fortune cookies, shhh.) That should tide them over for a while and prevent potential weirdness in a delivery guy coming over. When she got back, she let the dogs loose inside, shrugged off her coat and called, "Honey, I'm home!"

She still liked being able to say that, by the way.

[For the Valentine, and for great SP justice.]
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As expected, Kitty hadn't finished out her shift at work last night. Also as expected, she'd gone ahead and spent the night at Clint's, because while this week was annoying, from a certain perspective it was awesome.

She didn't know what time it was when she woke up and was actually willing to admit to herself that she was awake, but Clint tended to be an early riser. So she decided to test how awake he was by leaning over and kissing along his shoulder, because she could. There were totally worse ways to wake up.

[For he who got some.]
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Kitty hadn't made it through her whole shift last night, instead leaving Caritas early to take care of some things.

This morning, those things had still needed taking care of. It was that kind of week.

The difference was that this time, mid...things, Kitty accidentally phased. One second she was upstairs, the next she was turning solid right before she hit the floor in the living room. It didn't hurt, but it did stun her a second. After that second she sat up and reached to grab the first thing she could- in this case, a couch cushion- just in case she had to cover up in the time it took her to run upstairs and phase through the door back into Clint's room.

"So," she said. "That was new."

[For the guy who probably gets bragging rights out of this, but if anyone in the house wants to react to a naked girl running upstairs, go for it.]


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