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The thing about Kitty staying overnight in Westchester on Wednesdays was that when things like truth day rolled around, she didn't have other people or radio to clue her in that something was up. Sure, she'd gone off on Emma, but that could happen literally any day, Fandom weirdness or not. And okay, maybe she'd been a little talkier than normal, but she hadn't thought anything of it. Of course if she'd run into Peter at all today this would be an entirely different, more embarrassed story.

But it wasn't, and so once Kitty got back to Fandom she sent Clint a text to let him know she was back, and got a little caught up in unpacking and sorting things out since she actually hadn't been back to her apartment in like a week.

[Mwahahaha for one!]
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Needless to say, the party had been planned before Kitty woke up with boyparts. Every time this had happened, she tried to just hide out as much as possible, but it looked like that wasn't so much happening this time. So, fine, you won this one, Fandom. At least she probably wouldn't be the only one.

The apartment was cleaned, even if some stuff had been shoved into the ever-growing pile of "stuff I didn't feel like dealing with right now" in Kitty's closet. There were snacks and pizza set out, and the fridge was stocked with sodas and True Blood. Keeping Flash in mind, she was even trying to keep things non-alcoholic so it wouldn't be weird for him. Everything was all set, even if argh why why why.

At least no one was gonna have to worry about conversation-starters, right? And some things during game night might be more interesting.

[Mostly for those who know who they are! If you'd like to play, though, feel free to let me or [ profile] allie_vamp know and we'll hook you up.]
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This morning Kitty got a call from Rachel. Jean was dead (again), the school was destroyed (again), New York was in ruins, and something about Xorn, but frankly Kitty had no idea what had happened there and suspected she wouldn't until she could get the full story in person. But she stayed on the phone with Rachel and talked her down as much as she could before promising that she'd come back, and that she was around for crying and venting as much as she wanted.

So. Things apparently never really changed, and once again Kitty decided to head right back into all the chaos.

She had a to-do list now: get class figured out, which she was planning out now with her computer open to some articles on the state of New York, get Caritas work stuff sorted, figure out if she even had appropriate funeral clothes anymore... you know, fun stuff.

[Did I destroy two New Yorks in one week? Yes I did. Open!]
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If she was being completely honest, Kitty was still pretty pissed at the town for the last crisis, but it was getting easier to be at least a little less bitter. And nights like tonight, when it was date night, it was almost possible to not think about the weirdness of Fandom at all.

Mostly. Because she'd had to shoo a gremlin onto the balcony a little while ago and she kept having to look through the glass door to make sure it hadn't found a way back in. Sigh.

[For ze date!]
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Kitty was trying to get things sorted for the trip. Her thinking was that if she figured out what to bring and what she still needed now, she had a couple days to get things in order. And that all worked out just fine, aside from not being able to find things like her sunscreen. She knew she had some left over, and she'd probably just misplaced it in the months since she'd needed to use it, right? Right.

And on her way from her bedroom into the living room- through the wall, of course, because who needed doors? oh right, all of you- she found herself standing in the middle of an end table that had been placed against the wall. Which was weird, since she hadn't put it there.

Kitty stepped away from it, and watched it for a minute. Who knew, maybe it was a weird Fandom day when furniture moved. When it didn't go anywhere, she picked it up and put it back in its rightful spot, figuring she'd check on it later to make sure it hadn't gone traveling again.

[I'm bored and had to write something. Can be open!]
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It should surprise no one that last night's date had ended up at Kitty's place, and as it turned out, having a boyfriend for Valentine's Day two years in a row- the same boyfriend, no less, go her- was kind of awesome. That should also probably not be a surprise.

It took her a while to drag herself out of bed this morning, heading to the kitchen to put up coffee, because that was a necessary thing and the Perk was all the way outside. So yeah, just another ordinary morning, just like the ones everyone else was having before their weekends got turned upside down.



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