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It had actually been a really long time since Kitty had been able to snag Derek for some shopping time, which she took as more proof that the last few months had been terrible. But hey, at least they were able to get out now, and hat was something.

"So what are we looking for?" she asked as they entered the store.

[For the werewolf shopping buddy, and NFB for distance!]
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Since last year had actually worked out so well, Kitty had decided to drag Derek out to help her find a Halloween costume this year, too. Which, considering the last time they'd gone shopping he'd instituted a limit on how low her neckline could go, getting through costumes that got sluttier every year might be interesting.

"So just as a warning," Kitty said as they headed inside the shop to look, "if you find a sexy owl costume this year, you can just go ahead and put it back."

[For the personal shopper! NFB for distance! Exclamation point!]
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Kitty really did like shopping with Derek. He had good taste, she liked hanging out with him, and she could usually find something to tease him about, so it was a good time. She wasn't so happy about the reason for this shopping excursion, though, since the reason was that if you kept wearing kinda slutty things to work just because you could, eventually someone was going to say something.

Which was still a little weird to her, because she'd worn questionable things through her teen years and no one did ever say anything. Because the X-Men were terrible at setting boundaries, that's why.

Even as they walked into the store, Kitty said, "The top wasn't even that bad, you know. You didn't even see it."

[For the shopping partner!]
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The last time Kitty dragged Derek shopping with her, it was because it was kind of fun to torment him, yadda yadda yadda. This time, she was dragging him along because he'd actually been good with fashion advice and she didn't have a Rachel anymore, so... she'd been recast as a surly werewolf with bad conversation skills. Sorry, Derek.

"Remember, I'm just looking for a work outfit," she said as they walked into the store. "So this should probably be less eyeroll-inducing than the costumes."

[For the personal shopper!]
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There weren't many things Kitty outright missed about her old life, but having girlfriends was one of them. If she was trying to do something like find a Halloween costume, for instance, she didn't really have anyone here she could just call up to go shopping and tell her something looked horrible. And while she was sure Clint wouldn't mind seeing her try stuff on, it was probably still too early in the relationship to make her hold her purse and bore him, and he'd get to be surprised with what she actually picked.

So naturally, she ended up dragging Derek. Both because it was both fun to torment him a little and because she thought it a safe bet that anyone who made Stiles dogsit while he had naked guys in his house who ended up wearing his underwear wasn't going to be checking her out. Ahem.

"This won't take too long, I promise," she said, probably lying, as she opened the door to the store.

[For the werewolf who is probably SO HAPPY TO BE THERE.]


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