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In case you haven't seen my four million tweets about it, I'm moving! Over the exact dates of the BDE! Seriously, I have a computer genius character here! You have no idea how sad I am about this! Exclamation point!

Anyway, as of Wednesday I'm going to be internetless and/or traveling cross country to Chicago, and will only have phone internets or whatever passes for hotel wifi until Sunday. Of course then I'm staying with a friend until I get my own place and have no idea what her wifi situation is like, buuuut I'm now very unemployed, so I'm sure I'll be figuring availability things out for a bit. So for the meantime, Kitty's back home dealing with an X-emergency, Claire's a nightingale, and Gwen's back home having the worst time in scheduled posts.

See you all from CST!
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And as of noon it is off to SDCC with me! Sia, Maddie and Aeryn are around but quiet because I didn't have time to turn them into animals and pass them off on anybody, and Bond can mod Aeryn as needed. Kitty's off in Japan with Clint, and her class and all radio stuff have been taken care of.

I will be back late Sunday night, and very tired.
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So in case my incessant tweeting about it didn't make it obvious, I am off to vacation! I leave tonight and then tomorrow morning I'm going to be meeting up with [ profile] craftyladyparts for a six-day road trip through New England, traveling like crazy people. I doubt we'll be stopping much, but I will have my phone and our hotels will most definitely have wifi, so things like recapping and classes will go up like normal.

Till then, Kitty is a lion cub in the care of [ profile] so_hawkward, Sia's off in GFFA till I get back, Jaina's off in GFFA till her, and Jaye and Maddie are sticking around in case play time happens. And you better believe I'm gonna be passing on voicemails on Thursday, dammit.

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Well, sorta. Welcome to the mostly-annual "Going away for Christmas!" availability post! I'm headed off as of omg o'clock tomorrow morning for a week in Chicago! I'll be at either [ profile] craftyladyparts' apartment or our mom's, so I'll have access, I'll just be rocking the SP whenever I'm off being social. I'll also have my phone on me as it's attached to my hand at this point, so if you need to get a hold of me, email, text me, whatever.

For this week, Jaina's off in the GFFA to have plotty-but-not-really-plotty adventures, Sia's been kidnapped to the land of the Penderghasts, Stacey still exists, really is in NY/CT, leaving me with Kitty and Jaye to throw places when I feel like it. I should be good on getting radio links, so no problem there.

I'll be back New Year's Day, probably clinging to whatever's supposed to be passing for "warm" here these days.


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