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25 Unicorn Street- Monday

Scott had called first, telling Kitty all about his blowup with Logan, and how things were splitting up. He'd asked her to join his team, come back to teach, and while she'd entertained thoughts, she'd said she would think about it but didn't have any real want to do it.

Today Logan called while she was walking the dogs. It was a much longer conversation, and he was opening a new school in Jean's honor, and he wanted Kitty to help him. Maybe it was the "help" word, or maybe it was just because it was Logan, but she found herself seriously considering it.

She'd hung up by the time she got home and let the dogs in, calling, "Honey, we're hoooome."

[For the booooy.]
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Clint turned around from where he was sitting on the couch and grinned. "Oh good, all my favorite people are back," he said. "I might have made a small mess while you were out." The "small mess" being arrow parts scattered all over the living room table, in various states of being sorted. "It's not going to stay like this, I promise. You guys took a nice walk, huh?"
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"How's everything going back home?" Clint asked, nuzzling a little closer to her because he could.
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Uh oh, it looked like the arrow work was getting paused as Clint wrapped his arm around Kitty and pulled her into a hug. "Can they even do that? What are they going to do, pick teams like a high school basketball game?"
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Clint had to smirk at that. "Well, that's because you're awesome, of course they both want you on their team. Are you going to side with one of them, or hope they make up and this whole thing blows over?"

Clint definitely preferred one of them to the other, sorry Scott.
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"I was going to say Logan's probably the one you want to listen to, so... yeah. But they still shouldn't pull you into their mess like this," Clint said, giving Kitty another hug. "It's childish. It'd be like if Steve and Tony had a fight and tried to split us all up. It just wouldn't work."


Clint sighed and gave Kitty a little kiss on the cheek. "Do either of them want you to come back away from Fandom?" That was definitely a deciding factor too.
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Sorry Kitty, you were going to have to excuse Clint for a moment as "headmistress" brought up a very dirty picture in his head. "I guess that would be a good compromise," he said, trying not to smirk. "And maybe you can smack some sense into these guys while you're there."
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"You would make a good headmistress, for the record. Or maybe that's only in my own head," Clint said.
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Clint sighed a little, but he knew lying wouldn't do any good. "I can't say I won't miss you. I know it's pathetic to miss you when you're gone, but I do. And I worry about you when you're home, like I know you worry about me. I'd feel a lot better if you were stepping into the middle of a dramatic mess, but I'm not going to tell you not to go and try to help people who mean so much to you."
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"That would help a lot, yeah," Clint said. He could feel his shoulders relaxing, and he hadn't even realized he was tensing himself up at this, but not worrying about Kitty just wasn't an option anymore. "I know you'll be good for those kids."
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"I won't believe that until I get one of your cool uniforms," Clint said, only half joking.