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25 Unicorn Street- Saturday morning

Kitty hadn't planned on being up yet, but she'd rolled over and rolled into someone. She'd opened her eyes and peered at the person, and then jolted out of bed when she wasn't sure who that was. (If she knew about the suit, she'd be grateful for it that today she woke up with clothes, whew.)

Okay! So today was starting off weird and in a new place! Awesome, except totally not!

[Kitty is now from the Ultimateverse! For the poor guy in the bed.]
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Clint felt Kitty jolt out of the bed, but didn't stir much himself. "Did Rook jump on the bed again? Just dump her back on the floor, she'll learn."
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Clint sat up at the sound of her voice and just stared. "Kitty?"
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"Clint Barton," he said, pointing at himself. "Hawkeye?" He wasn't terribly offended that she didn't know him, since this was clearly the island's fault.
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"Uh, my bedroom," Clint said, carefully not mentioning her co-ownership of the room. "My house. With my dogs. Do you like dogs?"
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Oh geez, of course she was. "Nothing happened," Clint said quickly. "You just, uh, needed a place to crash. And my couch is kind of old and uncomfortable. I figured it would be nicer up here?"
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Clint squirmed uncomfortably and pulled the covers up to cover himself more. "I know, I'm sorry. But I swear, I'm telling the truth. This place is weird. I know you might not remember it, but I was just trying to help." He put on his most innocent look, like that would help.