throughaphase: (good with this)
Kitty Pryde-Barton ([personal profile] throughaphase) wrote2014-12-16 06:27 am

A Christmas tree lot on the mainland- Tuesday

After two years as a couple, there were almost too many options for where to spend the holidays, and after some deliberation Clint and Kitty decided that they'd stay in Fandom for once. And if they were going to stay here, then Kitty figured they at least had to do it right, which meant there was going to have to be a tree.

Besides, Kitty was kind of glad to get off island, because while she'd had the foresight to bring an umbrella for the snow, there were still patches of her clothes that had been turned colors, thanks a lot, Fandom.

"I thought we'd be cutting it close, but this is still a lot of trees," Kitty said, looking around.

[For the shopping partner.]

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