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Kitty Pryde-Barton ([personal profile] throughaphase) wrote2017-01-20 10:21 am

Disney World- Friday

Kitty at least had not thought about what was going on today when she and Clint decided on a belated birthday trip, but it was turning out to be a good thing. It was hard to watch TV or tweet or whatever when you were busy making your husband try on ears.

"Try these," she said, handing him a pair.

[Yep. For the poor husband.]
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No one could ever say Clint wasn't a good sport, because he only made a slight face at Kitty as he took the ears. "Do you just want me to try them on, or am I going to end up wearing these around the park?"
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Yeah, like Clint would ever say no to something if Kitty wanted it.

"You're lucky I look good in hats," he said, trying the ears on. "You're going to have to stay close so no single ladies try to steal me from you out here."
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"That would be fun to see on the news. 'Tourist pushes woman into lake at Disney, is detained by costumed animals.'"
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"True. Also, let's be honest, you could take any of them in a fight," Clint said, adjusting the hat a little. "Okay, how do I look?"
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"I love you too. Consider this your late birthday present," he said. "Or whatever pictures you end up sharing with our friends." It was like he knew her a little after all this time.
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"That would be so kind of you," Clint said, poking her hat a little sideways. "Okay, I have to admit, you look pretty adorable right now."
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Clint laughed. "I wouldn't tell you not to, no matter what," he said. "You can wear whatever you want."
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"My opinion is that you look even more adorable than usual," he said. "And I think one of those other reasons is we both wanted to come here."
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Clint shrugged a little, looking through some of the other touristy things the store was selling. "I never got to do stuff like this when I was a kid, and I know I'm supposed to be a real adult now, but that doesn't mean I can't still live things like this out, right?"
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"Which means getting to drink," Clint teased. "And having exactly who I want to have with me here."
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"I meant you and Minnie Mouse equally. That's okay, right?" Clint asked. "I still like you better."