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Utopia- Wednesday morning

The X-Men had left New York for an island off San Francisco that they called Utopia, which Scott was running as the new base of operations. Kitty had known about that, but it was kind of weird to be here as a guest, where she didn't have her normal room, where she often didn't know where things were. It felt off.

Kurt's memorial had been yesterday, which threw everything else into feeling off, too. Everyone was sad, especially the people she was closest to. She couldn't even talk to Logan, he was taking it that hard. And while normally she'd have grabbed Illyana for some distraction time, Illyana was off, too, and her team seemed really wary of outright afraid of her. So there was that.

This morning Kitty had given up trying to fit in in a new situation, and just went outside a little early to sit on the rocks and look out over at the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. This part at least was good.

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Clint came up behind Kitty and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "I'll say this about Utopia, it's got a nice view," he said, hugging her.
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"Yeah, I know. The memorial was nice," Clint said, sighing softly. "Is it me, or is everything else more weird than normal?"
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"Well, you've been away. Clearly, you're the glue that keeps things going," Clint said, only partly teasing. "You need to get people to keep you in the loop more often. Or just tell you what the hell is going on."
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"I'm surprised Illyana hasn't been around," Clint said lightly. He knew she was important to Kitty, so he didn't want to say anything outright bad about her. "I don't know why people are mad at Scott either. I mean, he's not the easiest to be around most of the time, but it's not like he's not broken up about this."
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"Remind me to leave Cap in charge all the time," Clint muttered. "Do you want to stay around for a while? Maybe see if you can patch things up with everyone?"
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Clint gave Kitty a smile and hugged her again. "You are definitely the mature one in this relationship. I think that's always going to be on you," he said. "What else do you need? From me, I mean."
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"If I remember correctly, I kind of stood in front of everyone and promised I'd do that," Clint said, smiling softly. "Don't worry, I'm sure things will go to shit for me sooner or later and you'll have to take care of me."
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"A winning lottery ticket that takes us to a private beach where we can do nothing but relax for a month... something like that?" Clint asked.
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"That's true, we can't just be off the radar, we have to hide from the radar," Clint said, laughing. "Maybe one of the places the island goes will be a good hiding spot."
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Clint thought about it and shrugged. "Surely, somewhere out there is a planet that's all sand and beaches and clear oceans and warm breezes. Like a whole planet for vacationing. There are scary planets, there have to be nice planets in return."
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"So I did help? Good, I'm not failing at my husbandry duties," Clint said. "We should take a break. Caritas is doing fine, we don't have anything to do with the school for a few weeks. We could take some time just for us, to decompress from recent events." Like funerals and guilt trips.
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"Remote? Where it's just us and the dogs?" Clint said. "Warm weather, cold weather, I don't know."
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"I'm sure throwing the right money at people will make them very good with dogs," Clint said with a smirk. "This sounds like the start of an actual plan."
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"Bribery, relaxation, and letting everything else go for a while," Clint said, giving Kitty a hug. "I like the sound of this."
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That earned Kitty a deep kiss as Clint leaned around her. "You are my favorite, you know that?"