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When Kitty woke up this time, she was laying among a bunch of bodies. She could tell that just from the smell. She couldn't have been out too long either, because as she came back to consciousness, she could hear Stryker still talking. It was entirely possible that he was a monologuer, though, and had been at this for a while because he liked the sound of his voice. He was talking to her, even though there was a metal hood over her face and he had no idea she was awake.

"You wonder why I fight, Katherine?" he was saying. "In the face of such horror, how could I not? I wish things were different. There is goodness in you, but sometimes even the good have to be sacrificed. With that small price, and God's good grace, I pray that humanity will prevail."

and kitty thought, he was right. )

[From X-Treme X-Men #30, and done! NFB, NFI, OOC just dandy.]
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So far, Kitty was spending a lot of her time unconscious, and given the pain she was in and everything that happened when she woke up, she really would have rathered stay unconscious.

today's theme, actually: unconsciousness )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. From X-Treme X-Men #28 and 29. Seriously, stay awake for five minutes, please.]
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In the dream Kitty had just struck out Peter, winning the World Series for the Cubs. That was probably when she should have known it was a dream, really. Sorry, Cubs. Her former teammates had carried her on their shoulders in celebration, and she'd hugged her parents- her dad alive, and back with her mom- and they'd told her how proud they were of her... and then they'd started to vanish, leaving Stryker in front of her quoting Bible verses, and then even he was gone, and Kitty yelling that it wasn't fair and she didn't want to be alone.

She must have yelled it in her sleep, because she woke up to a voice saying, "You're not alone."

not creepy at all. )

[Taken from X-Treme X-Men #27, NFB, NFI, but feel free to get your OOC on.]


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