Oct. 8th, 2012

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There weren't many things Kitty outright missed about her old life, but having girlfriends was one of them. If she was trying to do something like find a Halloween costume, for instance, she didn't really have anyone here she could just call up to go shopping and tell her something looked horrible. And while she was sure Clint wouldn't mind seeing her try stuff on, it was probably still too early in the relationship to make her hold her purse and bore him, and he'd get to be surprised with what she actually picked.

So naturally, she ended up dragging Derek. Both because it was both fun to torment him a little and because she thought it a safe bet that anyone who made Stiles dogsit while he had naked guys in his house who ended up wearing his underwear wasn't going to be checking her out. Ahem.

"This won't take too long, I promise," she said, probably lying, as she opened the door to the store.

[For the werewolf who is probably SO HAPPY TO BE THERE.]


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