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Kitty hadn't given much thought to what weekend it was, so it was just another morning when she finally got up. She went downstairs, put on some coffee and fed the dogs, and then stood at the counter to try and make the coffee brew faster with the power of her mind.

Yep, just your typical Saturday so far.

[For the husband, and tiny people!]
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Kitty had brought Lexi to class with her, and they returned to the house a little later than expected, with their hands full of grocery bags. Apparently these things happened when your kid was cute and inherited her dad's habit of doing the whole big ol' innocent eyes thing.

"We brought home ice cream!" Lexi announced the second she was inside, because there were things to get excited about, and then there was ice cream.

[For the dad!]
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It should surprise no one that last night's date had ended up at Kitty's place, and as it turned out, having a boyfriend for Valentine's Day two years in a row- the same boyfriend, no less, go her- was kind of awesome. That should also probably not be a surprise.

It took her a while to drag herself out of bed this morning, heading to the kitchen to put up coffee, because that was a necessary thing and the Perk was all the way outside. So yeah, just another ordinary morning, just like the ones everyone else was having before their weekends got turned upside down.

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The alarm didn't go off, but Kitty woke up early anyway out of habit. She opened her eyes and glanced toward the window to try and guess how early it actually was without looking at the clock... and realized the window wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Sitting up a little in bed, she took a moment to glance around the strange room, and another moment to realize that it looked familiar. And another moment to realize it was familiar because this used to be her bedroom. Look, it'd been a long time and she'd just woken up. You try to process that fast.

Turning onto her side, she laid a hand on Clint's shoulder in case he wasn't actually awake yet. "Honey, there's a Fandom thing."

Twenty years had not made her any less used to weird stuff happening, no.

[For the omg husband!]
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Kitty had had a great week. Getting to spend a ridiculous amount of time in bed with a hot boyfriend and not having anything to feel bad about at the end of it? She was all for that. That said, it was a relief to wake up with said hot boyfriend and feel normal again. What could she say, she liked her brain and liked having it not fogged up constantly. Also, she sort of needed a break, ow.

In the name of doing normal, non-sexy things, Kitty was starting with breakfast. She'd never really tried to cook cook to know or care if she was any good at it, but she could pour pancake mix into a pan and flip it when it was solid. She could also put up coffee and call it multitasking. And okay, part of her good mood had to do with the last few days, but that didn't mean she wasn't ruling this morning like a champ.



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