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Last night had been a nightmare. When it was all over, there were bodies to be dealt with, Peter and Logan and Scott were in the infirmary and realistically Clint probably should have been too, and Kitty had died, albeit temporarily. There'd been some insistence that she should get checked out after that, but (death aside) she'd really never been better, healthwise. Besides, after months of not really even being able to touch her fiance, she'd wanted to be able to jump him already the quality time.

She woke up early, because even if she'd gotten too little sleep her body clock was entirely screwed up now, and she kept her eyes closed, snuggling closer to Clint because she could. "Best morning ever," she murmured.

[For the guy she can actually snuggle with again whee!]
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the end of a little two-month arc )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay. Preplayed with the always awesome [ profile] so_hawkward, and taken from Uncanny X-Men #538. Warning for character death, yes again.]
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kitty's life basically revolves around space right now )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay! Preplayed with the incredible [ profile] so_hawkward, and taken from Uncanny X-Men #537. Warning for violence and character death.]
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There had really been no choice but to kill the other queen as part of a team effort. From there they'd been able to negotiate with the remaining Brood: the X-Men would transport the Brood to their home system, but only because of that whole extinction thing. The X-Men would be allowed to leave, and the Brood in them would be safely removed and allowed to live, but they wouldn't return to the others. The Brood refused to take the Broodling back, which was fine since Storm wouldn't have allowed them to anyway, and he'd stay at the Peak until the other Broodlings hatched so he could try to influence them into being not totally murderous and terrible. Storm also insisted on inviting him to the school if he ended up as much of an outcast among them as he feared.

The sun was rising when they finally got back to the mansion. They said goodbye to Hank and Brand, and Lockheed and Kitty had a long talk about where they were these days. Since she was technically still living between two universes, he'd stay with SWORD, at least for now. But they were working something out so they could see each other more, which was why he was still around today.

Normally Kitty would crawl into bed and go the hell to sleep, but since she didn't do that anymore, instead she laid on the bed next to Clint. Lockheed curled up directly next to her to sleep, as was only right.

[For the non-dragon in the bed.]
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After two days in a tube, unable to communicate except when Clint was there, not needing to eat or sleep or basically do anything but look out the little window and wave at people, Kitty got to get out. They'd come up with a suit that looked kind of like a uniform, only with a helmet, and being totally enveloped in this suit meant that her molecules would actually stay together, and she could be mobile again. And talk.

In fact, poor Emma had been in the infirmary when Kitty began to talk again, and after begging her to shut up already, once Kitty started wondering aloud how she could see when her body was phased because science didn't work that way, Emma called Clint down so he could deal with it.

So this still wasn't ideal, and the prognosis wasn't terrific, but it was better.

[For the fiance! And for the time being, Kitty's going to be stuck in the suit, which she will always be wearing even when the icons don't reflect that.]
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Some things had changed in the weeks Kitty had been presumed probably dead. Instead of Hank being the one to deal with her- he was apparently working with SWORD now?- it was Kavita Rao and Dr. Nemesis. Weird. And it turned out that they'd been sort of prepared to deal with Kitty's situation, as she'd immediately been led into a capsule that would keep her molecules stable enough to keep her from dissipating. Turns out when you'd been in this situation before, they learned how to deal with it. She still couldn't talk or touch anything or become solid at all, but at least she was alive, and on a planet, let alone the right one. She'd take it as a win.

She was trying to watch what she could from the window in the tube, seeing people move around and taking care of Magneto, and while she didn't know what exactly had happened she immediately felt bad about it.

[For the boy!]
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Once upon a time a girl took a ride on a bullet into outer space. It's okay, though. It was a ghost bullet. And she kept it ghostly always and nobody ever got hurt, so that probably made it okay. All she had to do was keep it together forever and ever until she died. Everything would be okay.

no one ever really dies in comics )

[NFB, NFI, OOC okay! Adapted from Uncanny X-Men #522 and preplayed with the amazing [ profile] so_hawkward!]
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It had been a really, really long day so far. After this morning's chaos, they'd had to get everyone calmed down. And then they had to get the X-Men on the same page about what happened and what a school for mutant kids was supposed to do when most of their students weren't mutants anymore. And then they had to tell the kids what was happening. There had been a lot of time spent fielding calls from parents and calling the ones that for whatever reason hadn't called first and hugging people and trying to find out who was affected besides those who were here and watching the news channels freak out because aside from the few who remembered what happened on Genosha, no one in the world knew what was going on. When she got too stressed out, Kitty took a couple minutes to herself, phased up to Ororo's attic to have a good cry, and then came back down and went right back to it.

Things had settled enough that they'd done everything they could do for now. When most of the students had retreated to their rooms to be alone or pack, Kitty went back to her room to try calling or emailing the people she hadn't been able to get in touch with yet. Okay, maybe she hadn't done everything yet.

[Open for the boy or calls, etc.]
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Kitty woke up to find more messages on her phone from after she went out last night and went to sleep. Now, she could reply to them now and see what happened, buuuut last time this happened (when she was a lion) she was pretty sure it only lasted a day, so. If she had your number she was sending a text:

Okay did anyone MEAN to actually tell me anything yesterday?

Just in case she missed something.

[Felt this was necessary and she got most of the messages yesterday so! Open for return texts!]
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Kitty and Clint were still at Xavier's, because there were still plenty of kids who needed to talk after being tortured by a sentient Danger Room using their dead classmate's body to do so. Kitty was just glad she didn't have the job of calling Wing's parents or dealing with that, because after the last couple days, she just didn't have it in her. The day had been traumatic and stressy, and she'd fallen asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

In her dream, Kitty was sitting under a tree on the lawn of the school when she heard someone call her, and she turned around to see her dad, alive and well. She ran to hug him, to assure herself that he was real, and he told her he only had one question. That question was, "Why did you let us die?" and then he began burning away right in front of her-

And that was when Kitty startled awake, not even sure what the noise she'd made was and hoping that she didn't wake Clint up, while also kind of hoping she woke Clint up because she probably needed a hug.

[For the guy.]
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here be monsters. and me cribbing ideas from the marvel holidays specials )

[Taken from Astonishing X-Men #7 with tweaks because the Jewish superheroes getting together is canon enough for the Holiday Specials and I love it too much not to use it. NFB, NFI, OOC okay.]
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and lo, peter has moved on from beating up kitty's bf's )

[NFB, NFI, OOC yadda yadda. One bit from Astonishing X-Men #6 and then I just went ahead and trounced on the rest, oops.]
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When they'd left what was left of Benetech, Kitty just wanted to get back to the mansion and crawl into bed and let everything sink in. Except on the way she'd found out that while she'd been getting Peter, the Stepford Cuckoos had reached out to Emma to tell her something was wrong there. That meant that once they got back, there were freaked-out kids to deal with, along with Wing himself, and Kitty barely had the energy to deal with it. That went for mental and emotional energy along with the physical kind. She tried anyway.

Finally, when Logan took it upon himself to get Peter settled in, he also told Kitty to go the hell to bed and things would still be broken in the morning, and that was all the encouragement she needed. She just went straight up to her (and Clint's, when he was here) room, phased out of her costume and threw on a sleep shirt and then flopped onto the bed without even bothering with the covers. It was that kind of night.

[For the Avenger!]
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Things weren't exactly great at the school, but the tension had lessened enough that people didn't have to be on guard all the time. Kitty had convinced Hank to come out to dinner with her so that he could see something besides his lab today, and they were talking about making that into a regular thing. And once they got back, Logan still hadn't tried to kill anyone, none of the students had started any fights or caused any problems or needed to talk to her.

It was even quiet enough that Kitty had the common room all to herself, and she was taking the opportunity to watch Galaxy Quest reruns and play with her phone because she couldn't really sit still. She didn't think anyone could blame her for not trusting the calm at this point.

[NFB but open! Less slow as I leave work soon!]
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It'd been a weird week. After Jean's funeral the focus turned to rebuilding, with everyone pitching in to get the mansion fixed up again so that the school could reopen. There'd been rumblings that Scott- who by the way was already with Emma and don't think Kitty hadn't questioned the hell out of that- had wanted to move on from that and not have anything to do with it, but he seemed better with the idea now. There was a lot of anti-mutant sentiment going around, basically everything was terrible, and showed no signs of getting better.

Home sweet home.

Kitty had started her day working on getting the Danger Room operational again, and then Scott had asked to talk to her. It'd been a pretty long talk, and now Kitty had a lot to think about, and so she'd found an open area away from the mansion rubble to sit in the grass and mull things over, even if she was pretty sure she knew what her decision actually was.

[For Clint and NFB for distance!]


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