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Kitty knew that the Path were watching her. She pretty much worked under the assumption the last few days that someone was always watching her. So she didn't bother trying to sneak around. In fact, she kept Ginrei in hand as she walked back down to the subway, because she wanted them to know that she was coming, and that she'd gotten what they wanted.

and the dramatic showdown )

[And that's it! Taken from Shadow and Flame, and thank you so much to [ profile] so_hawkward for being awesome!]
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If Kitty was nervous about this whole situation, it was because it'd be insane not to be. Here she was, breaking into the Clan Yashida Compound, which was full of ninjas, in the hopes that she'd be able to get a sword from a much better warrior than her so that she didn't have to give up her entire life to save the dragons. You try feeling calm when faced with that.

The ninjas actually weren't a huge problem, though. All she had to do was drop down from a tree, phase through the nearest block wall, and phase up into the building, wandering around until she found herself faced with Ginrei.

She took the sword from its display, looking it over. "Cool."

and then there was another ninja )

meanwhile... )

[Taken from Shadow and Flame, preplayed with [ profile] so_hawkward, NFB/I, OOC just fine!]
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Kitty had been pretty quiet on the way back to the hotel, and she was doing a lot of frowning. She was trying to think this through, but there wasn't enough to piece everything together yet, and she hated being used as bait when she didn't even know exactly what she was facing, and so far she was just hating this whole thing.

"There's something she's not telling us," Kitty said finally on the way to the room.

well duh )

[From Shadow and Flame and preplayed with the fantastic [ profile] so_hawkward. I feel like this catchup should be subtitled "Kitty tries to give Clint heart attacks."]
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This morning Kitty had gotten a call from Ryoko's assistant to meet her at the Special Observatory at the Tokyo Tower, so with Lockheed disguised and grumbling about having to be carried around in a backpack, Kitty and Clint set out to meet her.

Of course, when they got there, they were told that the Special Observatory was closed today, so naturally Kitty phased them up there anyway. "No one around? That's not good," she said, and reached to pull off her backpack and let Lockheed out. "I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag."

like more bad things won't happen )

[From Shadow and Flame and preplayed with the amazing [ profile] so_hawkward. You know the drill by now.]
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After she and Lockheed went back to the hotel, Kitty actually managed to get to sleep, but that didn't go so well. There'd been nightmares about running from and being trapped by ninjas who phased but she couldn't, and yelling at them about how they couldn't have her soul. And then the floor under her collapsed and left her freefalling till she fell into a giant-sized Ogun's waiting mouth...

At which point she woke up screaming "Ogun!" and bolted up in bed, and sleep might just be overrated.

kitty's having a rough day )

[Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] so_hawkward! NFB, NFI, OOC okay.]
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Kitty was having a rough night so far. She'd been completely unable to get to sleep, so she'd finally gotten back out of bed, figuring she could tire herself out if she did something productive. So she sent an email to Logan to see if he knew anything about this Path of Destiny thing. That took all of about a minute, so she called Yukio, only to get voicemail. Which she should have figured, at this time of night.

Clint and Lockheed were both asleep, and Kitty didn't think it'd do her any good to hang around and be frustrated, so she tried to be quiet as she got dressed and left a note for Clint in case he woke up. Then she headed out to take a little walk and see if she could get any supplies at this time of night.

clearly this will go well )

[A short one! NFB/I, OOC fine. Taken from Shadow and Flame.]
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After meeting up with Lockheed it was off to Japan, and apparently Kitty's awesome little friend was a) not a fan of portals, and b) not a fan of the image inducer he had to use. In settings like the X-mansion or Fandom, people wouldn't freak out much seeing a little purple dragon around, but in public like, it worked so much better if he could look like a harmless cat. One that didn't breathe fire.

"It's been a really long time since I've come here legally, so I'm not really sure where we get a ride out of this place," she said as she and Clint walked through the airport.

and then there were meetings and explanations )

[Adapted from Shadow and Flame and preplayed with the lovely [ profile] so_hawkward! NFB, NFI, OOC okay.]


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