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Thanksgiving had been a little abnormal because it was hard to do dinner when one of you couldn't eat, and Hanukkah had just been a mess. But this Christmas could be a good one, and Kitty definitely appreciated it more, even if it wasn't actually her holiday.

She and Clint had gone back to his New York for the holiday, where they could see everyone and not have to worry about anything invading (hopefully). There was a Christmas movie on TV, there was coffee, and there was a happy Kitty on the couch saying, "I'm really glad we came here."

[For the fiancé!]
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Kitty had brought Clint with her to New York, and by the evening she decided to drag him out for date night. Westchester didn't have quite the selection NYC did, but she at least knew of a good pizza place.

As they waited for their food, she said, "This is how you know I love you. New York pizza and I'm missing the Cubs."

[For the date!]
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here be monsters. and me cribbing ideas from the marvel holidays specials )

[Taken from Astonishing X-Men #7 with tweaks because the Jewish superheroes getting together is canon enough for the Holiday Specials and I love it too much not to use it. NFB, NFI, OOC okay.]
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This trip had been a little more eventful than Kitty had thought it'd be, but at least they'd stayed. By evening on Christmas, since there weren't any tracksuit bros causing any problems, they'd figured that they could spend some time out walking in the city. After all, it was Christmas in New York, it wasn't too cold, and everything was pretty. Even if some of the buildings were still undergoing repairs, it still looked festive.

"I think it was good to get out for a while," Kitty said, reaching for Clint's hand.

[For that guy!]


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