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Kitty had had a totally normal day so far, which really should have told her something was going to happen. Something happened pretty much every day in December here. And yet she didn't even think about it, going about her day and getting things settled before New York-

-and having mistletoe launch itself at her when she was walking to the kitchen to get some water.

Lucky for Kitty, phasing when she saw things throw themselves at her was a natural reaction, so the mistletoe sailed right through her and landed on the ground without anyone to attach itself to. Well... avoiding it was good, and maybe she'd just stay like this for a while. Just in case.

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Kitty didn't have a ton to do today, so she decided that it should be the day she did a trial run to make sure she actually was capable of making anything for Thanksgiving, because shut up, of course she wasn't at all nervous about meeting everyone at Clint's in New York. Really. Shut up.

So far a lot of her time was being spent at the stove, and since Food Network was doing their Thanksgiving Live thing, she figured she'd leave it on and get in the spirit. If anyone heard the occasional "Stop talking over each other," coming from Kitty's apartment, that would be why.

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As promised, Kitty was putting the cooking skills she'd learned in Italy to use. What she was learning now was that it was a lot more difficult when you were on your own and didn't have anyone telling you what you were doing wrong. But nothing had blown up and everything looked okay so far and she even only had a little bit of flour on her face so it was looking pretty successful.

And okay, the kitchen was a total mess but she didn't think Clint would mind too much. She was still going to try to make the place look at least half decent before he got here, though.

Okay, maybe a quarter decent.

[For that guy!]
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Clint had come over last night, which was more than okay in Kitty's book, though it did pose a slight problem this morning. She'd been just awake enough when she rolled over to realize that something felt off- which a person might get used to after spending enough time in Fandom- and then there'd been a peek under the covers which hadn't gone the way she wanted it to, and now Kitty hated life again.

At least she had clothes in the closet from the last time this had happened, and maybe she could get to them before Clint woke up? And maybe she could just spend the rest of the weekend sitting in there?

[For the other boy in the bed.]
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With a week off of one job and no real plans, Kitty figured that this would be the time to get some projects done. She planned on doing some little things, like changing out some of the pictures she had around her apartment, and cleaning out the closet that she'd been throwing things into for a year. Or, you know what? How about just some general cleaning. Especially now that Clint had a key, maybe she should actually keep the place presentable in case he showed up.

She'd gotten as far as wiping down her countertops and was now sprawled on her sofa playing Candy Crush. Look, she'd been somewhat productive, that was something.

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When Kitty woke up today, she didn't think she'd spend her day doing anything interesting. She'd slept in longer than she meant to, figured that was excuse enough to skip training today and then she'd head to the bar to get some work done before it opened. Then she got out of the shower and checked her phone, and saw she had a message.

She ended up listening to it again right away, because let's face it, there wasn't any way to hear that message the first time and register what it was you were hearing. Once it was finished, she stood there for a minute, feeling somewhere between sad and freaked out and mad that she didn't get a call earlier when she could just stop him from going, and also taking literally zero time to decide that she wasn't going to be sticking around her apartment waiting for him to come back or not. She was an X-Man, and a bit on the proactive side here.

Being the Goddess of Computing, it didn't really take her long at all to do a little bit of research to find out what sorts of things might be going on in Madripoor, and when she saw the thing about the auction she figured that was enough information to start with. Then it was time to make a call of her own and start figuring out the best way to get to Madripoor, and hopefully she'd have enough time to check on Lucky before she left.

Seriously, one of her top ten worst weeks ever.

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Since Thursday Kitty had 1. found out a past version of her had died here, 2. found out that her sex life was all over the internet, 3. had her powers go wonky again, 4. had her bar turned into a strip club, 5. saw Derek strip which was fine but also really weird, 6. dealt with Stiles being possessed, 7. gotten stabbed, 8. gotten hit on or something by her boyfriend's roommate, and 9. according to radio it looked like she'd gotten cheated on. Oh, and 10. now she had to find a new gym.

So Sunday had Kitty basically saying fuck this weekend, she was not leaving her apartment for any other horrible things to happen. And so the first part of her day was spent alternating eating ice cream, trying to watch Meg Ryan movies from her sofa in a position that didn't aggravate the gaping wound in her side, and if any squirrels said there'd been any tears today they were damn liars.

And then just like that, the pain in her side was gone. After a couple minutes she finally got up to go into the bathroom to take off the bandage and see that yes, it was totally healed, and then she went directly back to the couch (through the wall, thank god) to flop more comfortably on it.

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When you'd gotten sucked into a locker and spent days in there, your priorities were fairly simple upon getting out. So once Kitty got to her apartment again, there was a shower, and there was food, and now it was time for her to relax on the sofa with her laptop to catch up on everything she'd missed in the last few days.

Which meant she was obsessively refreshing the BBC's website to see how the royal baby watch was going. She'd lived in the UK long enough to claim real interest in this subject, okay, shut up.

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The alarm didn't go off, but Kitty woke up early anyway out of habit. She opened her eyes and glanced toward the window to try and guess how early it actually was without looking at the clock... and realized the window wasn't where it was supposed to be.

Sitting up a little in bed, she took a moment to glance around the strange room, and another moment to realize that it looked familiar. And another moment to realize it was familiar because this used to be her bedroom. Look, it'd been a long time and she'd just woken up. You try to process that fast.

Turning onto her side, she laid a hand on Clint's shoulder in case he wasn't actually awake yet. "Honey, there's a Fandom thing."

Twenty years had not made her any less used to weird stuff happening, no.

[For the omg husband!]
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Kitty had had plans for date night. She'd planned on setting up dinner on the roof because sunsets and stars were romantic and everything and she was trying here.

And then it'd started raining. Dammit, where was Storm when you needed her?

She still had dinner, so that part was fine, but until Clint showed up she'd be glowering out the window like that'd make the weather behave... and make the roof not wet. (Okay, and she'd send a text because she had to.)
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Kitty was still telling herself she wasn't sick. Sure, she had all the signs of a cold and had been resorting to taking over the counter medicine, but she was still telling herself that that was a preventative measure, because mind over matter or something. And see, she'd even brought paperwork home with her from Caritas two days ago so it wouldn't be like she was missing work at all. Said work was sitting ignored and untouched on the coffee table while she was curled up on the sofa with a blanket and some awful Syfy movie on because the remote had fallen on the floor and getting it was going to be more work than Kitty was willing to put in.

Okay, so maybe she was a little bit sick. And a lot wishing she was telekinetic.

[For that guy!]
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With the way things had been going for everyone over the last few weeks, Kitty and Allie had decided it might be good to have a small, semi-quiet apartment party with friends where nothing traumatic happened and they could have fun.

Aaand then Kitty got in from California too late yesterday to get much of anything done so a lot of today was spent cleaning, shopping, and finding some game off the Internet, because with the group they'd invited, it might be good to have something to focus on rather than just glaring at people across the room. Which they'd probably do anyway, but at least it wouldn't be their whole night.

By the time people were due to start showing up, everything had been set up, the place looked presentable, and the pizza had gotten here in time for Kitty to box up a couple pieces for Lucky already, because shut up, that's why.

[Up early for timezones! For those who know who they are, but if you want to swing an invite, just grab one of us on AIM at chickwithemo or izzyalienqueen!]
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Between the Derek stuff and being ignored by all her dead people, Kitty had pretty much decided to write off this week as a bad one and move on. It was totally that easy, right? Besides, no one had died in the past week and she'd liked the dead people she had met, and those were pluses, even if she realized that was stretching it a little. Look, she'd take what she could get, okay?

And when the knock at the door came this morning, Kitty was wary at first. It didn't sound at all like Clint's knock, and she didn't know who else would be at her door, but she didn't count on it being anyone traumatic so she went and opened the door anyway.

And then looked down to see a gremlin, with a towel wrapped around him, who threw down a snorkel at her feet and then turned to stomp off, feet squishing as he walked down the hall. Why were his feet still squishing? Who knew.

Kitty picked up the snorkel, closed the door, and decided she should take not getting bitten as a plus, too.

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Kitty would like to think that she handled most Fandom weirdness reasonably well. Unless of course you took away things like her powers or her brain, in which case she'd hate everything for a day or two and then get over it.

Apparently this also applied to losing her girlparts.

After waking up and girly-screaming with a voice that didn't really go with that sort of thing, Kitty had basically decided "nope." Then there'd been a search for clothes that wouldn't make her feel like she looked stupid in addition to feeling weird about this whole thing, and so there were pajama pants and a sweatshirt and then trying to figure out what things she could do angrily without leaving her apartment. It seemed the most reasonable option was something like angry cleaning, but screw that and so Kitty would be on the couch, sulkily channel surfing.

It was really hard to push a button hard enough to get your frustration out, did you know that? She did now.

[*spams flist!* Open!]
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Kitty sort of thought that maybe if she'd stayed at college, turning twenty might mean something to her somehow. But when she was living here and had been managing a business for a year and hadn't actually felt like a teenager for years anyway, it was just another year. At least it'd make everyone feel better to say her boyfriend was in his thirties without having to affix a "-teen" onto any words concerning her?

Her grand plans for the day involved not going in to work, not even in the daytime when she was just working in the office, not working out because it was her birthday and she didn't have to today, dammit, and ice cream, though she hadn't decided what its full involvement might be yet. Also, apparently phone calls. Turns out that when you gave the X-Men a way to contact you after cutting yourself off for a year, the ones you were close to made a point to do things like call you when you turned a year older. That part, Kitty would admit, was kind of nice.

With no one to talk to at the moment, Kitty curled up on the sofa to do some channel surfing, half-expecting the perfect movie to be on somewhere because it was her day and she was pretty sure that was how things were supposed to work.

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When the fruitcake appeared in her kitchen, Kitty hadn't thought much of it. She was used to this sort of thing by now, and she fully expected to find more of them every time she opened a drawer or something. And then it started doing things like jumping at her and trying to make her eat it.

Which was really, really disturbing for a lot of reasons.

At the moment, Kitty had sealed the fruitcake in a cabinet, holding it closed with her foot while she tried duct taping it shut. It was duct tape, it was sturdy enough for that, right?

[The flist looks so lonely over the holidays. Open if you want to stop by!]
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All the cool people did their grocery shopping on a Friday night. Kitty was one of those cool people, coming up back to her apartment with a couple bags and finding gremlins caroling in the hall. That wasn't much of a surprise, considering she'd been seeing that all day. What was surprising was that this time they were singing the Dreidel Song.

Kitty stopped, figuring she had to listen all the way through. And when the gremlins finished up, looking at her expectantly, she shifted both bags to one hand, crouched down, and held up her free hand. "High five," she said.

All the cool kids also got high fives from gremlins, too.

[Erin's fault! Establishy.]
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Kitty's mental narrative today mainly consisted of "Ugh".

The 50's mentality she'd had going on didn't upset her that much, because the total idiocy she'd been rocking far overshadowed it, and it'd been going on longer than her monochromaticness. Being that dumb was kind of insulting. And really embarrassing. And she'd been like that in front of Clint, and ugh.

This morning was seeing her sitting on the sofa in her apartment (totally not hiding, nope), reading through one of her old astrophysics textbooks to prove to herself that her brain functioned again. It just made her feel better.

[Open if you're okay with SP!]
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When your natural state was that of a ghost and no barrier could stop you, you tended to stop worrying about silly things like walls. Unless Clint was over, Kitty didn't even bother opening the doors in her apartment. So if she was doing something as simple as going from her room to the living room, of course she took the most direct path there, through the wall.

Or she would have, if she hadn't smacked into the wall instead. Which, ow.

Kitty was smart enough to not make it worse by just trying to walk through again. Instead she stepped back, focused on phasing instead of the other way around for once, and tried to put her hand through the wall. Once again, all she did was touch a solid object.

Huh. This was more disturbing than she thought it should be. ...And just in case, maybe she should work on finding the keys to her apartment, which she hadn't bothered with since last November.

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Sometimes you just needed a quiet night in, and "sometimes" was apparently tonight. As she waited for Clint to show for movie night, Kitty was busying herself with making sure there was a decent selection of things to choose from.

Which was how she decided that she really needed to end this little habit of putting discs in whatever case she felt like at the time, because now she had to figure out what was where real quick. Hopefully he didn't mind that the coffee table had a couple stacks of things she was totally going to have to worry about putting away later.

[For the boy and his dog.]
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After a perfectly normal day in Chicago that didn't include any seizures or the killing of anyone, accidentally or otherwise, Kitty finally got back to her apartment.

She'd fully intended on just jumping into things like normal when she got home... and managed the super daunting task of unpacking before proceeding to sit on the sofa thinking/moping. For like an hour. At that point she decided this wasn't productive and she was bored with herself, and picked up her phone to send a text. Not that she particularly wanted to tell anyone what had happened, but she'd have to do it at some point.

[For the saver of awesome puppies.]
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Kitty's plan was to take advantage of the quiet week to finally go home and visit. She'd only been back once since she'd gotten to Fandom, and there were still people there she wanted to see. She had everything packed, she still had a little while until her portal, so she unpacked her laptop again to kill some time.

That was when she found the article about evangelist/convicted criminal William Stryker dying in a plane crash, and how the X-Men were being blamed for it. For some reason. Of course there wasn't actually any evidence that they were at fault, but peope didn't seem to need it. Stryker was a mutant-hater. Of course if he died unexpectedly, it had to be mutants who did it, right? And Kitty didn't really know how she felt about finding out about this, to be honest. He'd kidnapped her best friend and nearly shot Kitty in the face when she was thirteen, among other things; it made sense for her to hate the guy and be glad he was dead. But mostly it all just made her mad. And then she went and read the comments on the article even though she knew to never read the comments...

Well it looked like she was just going to have to travel angry.

[Mostly establishy, but can be open before she leaves!]
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Kitty was finding she'd really missed all the stuff that came with the beginning of a relationship. The feeling of just being happy with it, wanting to see someone all the time, and just thinking that everything was great because of it all.

What she hadn't missed was like that slightly self-conscious, completely-not-nervous-really feeling of making sure anything potentially embarrassing or messy had been dealt with before he came over. There were a few things that'd just been shoved into a closet because it was too early to really look like she was a nineteen-year-old who lived on her own and didn't usually get visitors.

So if Kitty was checking over to her apartment until Clint arrived to make sure she looked like an adult, really, then that would be why.

[For that guy!]
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The plan was for Kitty to go down to Caritas, just in case anything went wrong while the school board was here/Tino needed a reality check/etc. What happened was that Kitty had just closed her front door and happened to catch something coming at her from the corner of her eye. She was able to go intangible just before the bunny launched itself at her throat...

...which meant the bunny instead smacked right into her front door which Kitty would feel sort of bad about if she wasn't kind of attached to her jugular.

Not only did the bunny rally once it hit the ground, but it kept going after her legs, totally confused as to how it kept passing through them. And by the looks of it, there was some sort of lizard thing down the hall.

"You guys have REALLY BAD TIMING," she told them.

[Open if you have reason to be around!]
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Cleo wasn't sure where she was, or where her family was, but waking up alone in a strange apartment had allowed her to do one huge thing.

Take a bath without anyone trying to kick her out of it. The fact that she was a mermaid was a secret and all, but people really did not know how hard it was to bathe when you had a tail to deal with. There had to be time to dry off properly.

So now, for some reason fairly confident that no one would be coming back to interrupt her, she could take as long as she wanted.

[And Kitty is now Cleo from the completely amazing Australian teen show H20: Just Add Water. Seriously, even a drop of water will make a mermaid tail appear. IT IS FANTASTIC.]
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Kitty had spent a lot of the day on the mainland, so she'd so far missed any creepiness. When she got home she dropped her keys on the table, toed off her shoes, and decided it was late enough that getting into more comfortable clothes (read: pajamas) was acceptable.

While out in public she tended not to phase lately, it wasn't like anyone was going to see her do it in her own apartment most days. So rather than dealing with things like doors, she walked through the wall into her bedroom-

-and was halfway through the wall when she saw the bald baby doll standing in the middle of the room. And then its head turned around 360 degrees to look at her.

Kitty backed off into the living room again, and closed the door to her room for good measure. "I don't need a bedroom anymore," she decided firmly. "I have a couch. Maybe I should move."

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Kitty had phenomenally bad timing with this move. Not that she knew that yet.

She was beginning to question herself for a few reasons, though, the fact that she needed to load her stuff out of a rickshaw being one of them. That was a red flag for anyone who'd just come from a major city. It was also taking longer than she'd expected, in part because she was carrying boxes up a few flights of stairs to #10, and in part because she was being careful not to phase when she hadn't even met anyone yet. Amazingly, worrying about things like doors and walls tacked on time. At least she didn't have too much stuff. Some of her things had been ruined in that raid on her apartment in Chicago, and she'd just never gotten around to replacing them. She never thought she'd be grateful for that.

So for now, it was going to be up and back, up and down the stairs, to the apartment from the rickshaw and back again.

[Open to any neighbors or people who want to wander by and catch her outside!]


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