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Needless to say, the party had been planned before Kitty woke up with boyparts. Every time this had happened, she tried to just hide out as much as possible, but it looked like that wasn't so much happening this time. So, fine, you won this one, Fandom. At least she probably wouldn't be the only one.

The apartment was cleaned, even if some stuff had been shoved into the ever-growing pile of "stuff I didn't feel like dealing with right now" in Kitty's closet. There were snacks and pizza set out, and the fridge was stocked with sodas and True Blood. Keeping Flash in mind, she was even trying to keep things non-alcoholic so it wouldn't be weird for him. Everything was all set, even if argh why why why.

At least no one was gonna have to worry about conversation-starters, right? And some things during game night might be more interesting.

[Mostly for those who know who they are! If you'd like to play, though, feel free to let me or [ profile] allie_vamp know and we'll hook you up.]
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After getting back from everyone dies funtimes in Beacon Hills, Kitty could have gone back to her apartment, and changed into her own clothes, or gotten some sleep, or whatever. But it'd been a rough few days and she missed Clint and maybe needed a hug and so she just went straight to his house. Priorities.

Then she just airwalked on up to his room and poked her head in through the wall with a "Hello?" And if he wasn't there, well then she was totally going to take a nap till he got back. Win/win.

[For the arms, and the rest of the guy too while we're at it.]
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With a week off of one job and no real plans, Kitty figured that this would be the time to get some projects done. She planned on doing some little things, like changing out some of the pictures she had around her apartment, and cleaning out the closet that she'd been throwing things into for a year. Or, you know what? How about just some general cleaning. Especially now that Clint had a key, maybe she should actually keep the place presentable in case he showed up.

She'd gotten as far as wiping down her countertops and was now sprawled on her sofa playing Candy Crush. Look, she'd been somewhat productive, that was something.

[For one, then another!]
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Since Thursday Kitty had 1. found out a past version of her had died here, 2. found out that her sex life was all over the internet, 3. had her powers go wonky again, 4. had her bar turned into a strip club, 5. saw Derek strip which was fine but also really weird, 6. dealt with Stiles being possessed, 7. gotten stabbed, 8. gotten hit on or something by her boyfriend's roommate, and 9. according to radio it looked like she'd gotten cheated on. Oh, and 10. now she had to find a new gym.

So Sunday had Kitty basically saying fuck this weekend, she was not leaving her apartment for any other horrible things to happen. And so the first part of her day was spent alternating eating ice cream, trying to watch Meg Ryan movies from her sofa in a position that didn't aggravate the gaping wound in her side, and if any squirrels said there'd been any tears today they were damn liars.

And then just like that, the pain in her side was gone. After a couple minutes she finally got up to go into the bathroom to take off the bandage and see that yes, it was totally healed, and then she went directly back to the couch (through the wall, thank god) to flop more comfortably on it.

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When you'd gotten sucked into a locker and spent days in there, your priorities were fairly simple upon getting out. So once Kitty got to her apartment again, there was a shower, and there was food, and now it was time for her to relax on the sofa with her laptop to catch up on everything she'd missed in the last few days.

Which meant she was obsessively refreshing the BBC's website to see how the royal baby watch was going. She'd lived in the UK long enough to claim real interest in this subject, okay, shut up.

[Expecting one but open!]
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With the way things had been going for everyone over the last few weeks, Kitty and Allie had decided it might be good to have a small, semi-quiet apartment party with friends where nothing traumatic happened and they could have fun.

Aaand then Kitty got in from California too late yesterday to get much of anything done so a lot of today was spent cleaning, shopping, and finding some game off the Internet, because with the group they'd invited, it might be good to have something to focus on rather than just glaring at people across the room. Which they'd probably do anyway, but at least it wouldn't be their whole night.

By the time people were due to start showing up, everything had been set up, the place looked presentable, and the pizza had gotten here in time for Kitty to box up a couple pieces for Lucky already, because shut up, that's why.

[Up early for timezones! For those who know who they are, but if you want to swing an invite, just grab one of us on AIM at chickwithemo or izzyalienqueen!]
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Between the Derek stuff and being ignored by all her dead people, Kitty had pretty much decided to write off this week as a bad one and move on. It was totally that easy, right? Besides, no one had died in the past week and she'd liked the dead people she had met, and those were pluses, even if she realized that was stretching it a little. Look, she'd take what she could get, okay?

And when the knock at the door came this morning, Kitty was wary at first. It didn't sound at all like Clint's knock, and she didn't know who else would be at her door, but she didn't count on it being anyone traumatic so she went and opened the door anyway.

And then looked down to see a gremlin, with a towel wrapped around him, who threw down a snorkel at her feet and then turned to stomp off, feet squishing as he walked down the hall. Why were his feet still squishing? Who knew.

Kitty picked up the snorkel, closed the door, and decided she should take not getting bitten as a plus, too.

[You know those things that won't leave your head till you write them out? Can be open if you want.]
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There weren't many things Kitty outright missed about her old life, but having girlfriends was one of them. If she was trying to do something like find a Halloween costume, for instance, she didn't really have anyone here she could just call up to go shopping and tell her something looked horrible. And while she was sure Clint wouldn't mind seeing her try stuff on, it was probably still too early in the relationship to make her hold her purse and bore him, and he'd get to be surprised with what she actually picked.

So naturally, she ended up dragging Derek. Both because it was both fun to torment him a little and because she thought it a safe bet that anyone who made Stiles dogsit while he had naked guys in his house who ended up wearing his underwear wasn't going to be checking her out. Ahem.

"This won't take too long, I promise," she said, probably lying, as she opened the door to the store.

[For the werewolf who is probably SO HAPPY TO BE THERE.]


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