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Right, an office! Kitty totally had one of those! And she was in it today, with an overly sugary drink from the Perk and a great mood, how about you? She was actually getting some work done from her various jobs, but in between that she was scrolling through because someone had linked her to that and ruined her for the afternoon.

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After stopping in at the picnic, Kitty headed back to her office. She didn't know if any parents would be visiting today, but she thought it was a good idea to be around in case they were. Besides, she still had to do class stuff for Monday, because she was still getting used to her schedule and that might take a couple weeks to do so.

Okay, she'd also maybe be emailing home to see how things were going, but then she would totally work on class stuff.

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Kitty had gotten class figured out, and since she had some free time, she got online to check out the news from home. She'd stayed away from checking that sort of thing for a long time because it was infuriating and mutants got blamed for everything and she was too young for what that did to her blood pressure. But if she was not only living there part time, and counseling kids who had to deal with all this stuff, she should know what people were saying after Magneto went and destroyed Manhattan.

Soooo, basically Kitty was getting into a lot of flame wars on the internet today.

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Kitty was in her office today, trying to get class planned out for Monday, along with setting up some kind of schedule for herself now that she was basically going to be working at two schools in two states at the same time.

She was maybe stressing out a little?

She just had all these nerves about going back to the Xavier School, where she'd been a student and was now going to be working with the students, and also she still had the occasional "Why am I going back to that?" thought. Plus Monday was going to mean she was doing radio and then her class here and then taking a portal to Westchester and hoping it got her there in time and argh.

So yes, today was all about class and setting up calendars and only freaking out internally.

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Kitty liked winter just fine. She didn't mind the cold, snow was pretty, and she was actually a decent ice skater. What she didn't like was when any of those things came indoors, because indoors was supposed to be a nice safe warm space, dammit.

And after slipping outside her office (lucky through the wall instead of into it), she was taking some time to set up office supplies around the ice patch in the hall, just to make sure no one else did what she did. Maybe there was something she could use as caution tape?

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Every once in a while, Kitty remembered that she had an office here, too, and that it might be good for her to go to it. Today was one of those days. She stopped at the Perk on the way and sat down to work on Monday's class because it wasn't getting done this weekend, though she kept distracting herself by looking up recipes for Thanksgiving.

This was going to end in trial runs before the day, she knew it now.

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Kitty actually really liked teaching, so it probably shouldn't be a huge surprise that she was spending what part of her Friday that wasn't at the gym or in the office at Caritas in her office at the school, working on her class. This basically meant writing up an outline for each decade and what she wanted to cover and them finding the information on the stuff she needed more details on, and basically if she continued uninterrupted, she might be here till Sunday still figuring this out.

Apparently focus happened when you got a decent night's sleep, who knew.

[Door and post open. I'm around for most of the day and this will not be happening a lot so I'm gonna take advantage of it.]
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Kitty had had her office at Caritas for going on two years now, so having an office here really wasn't that much of a novelty. Still, it was new, and it was teachery, and she kind of couldn't wait to get in there and see it and make everything her own.

Which she would get around to, as soon as she finished testing her chair's spinning capabilities. Or got dizzy, whichever came first.

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