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Last night had been a nightmare. When it was all over, there were bodies to be dealt with, Peter and Logan and Scott were in the infirmary and realistically Clint probably should have been too, and Kitty had died, albeit temporarily. There'd been some insistence that she should get checked out after that, but (death aside) she'd really never been better, healthwise. Besides, after months of not really even being able to touch her fiance, she'd wanted to be able to jump him already the quality time.

She woke up early, because even if she'd gotten too little sleep her body clock was entirely screwed up now, and she kept her eyes closed, snuggling closer to Clint because she could. "Best morning ever," she murmured.

[For the guy she can actually snuggle with again whee!]
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Kitty had fully intended to come in and get some administrative work done before her portal to New York. But Clint had come along, and she was feeling better after the last couple horrible weeks, and one thing led to another...

Unfortunately she'd forgotten that she'd lent Tino the office key, and he picked a terrible time to use it to return the clothes he borrowed yesterday. There was some screaming, and shielding of eyes, and after he'd run out and things were quiet again, Kitty said, "So that was a first."

[Checking off allll the I Nevers. For the boy!]
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After the whole mess with Venom- and really? They had to deal with Venom now?- and getting that settled, Kitty went to Clint's, because there was no one to bitch to at her apartment and all she was going to do there was get mad there anyway.

True, she'd probably just get mad here too but at least she'd have eye candy. Sorry for the objectification, Clint.

She poked her head in through the front door and groused, "I've had a day."

And she thought he'd better be there. She'd be pissed if she just talked to an empty room.

[For the eye candy!]
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Since Thursday Kitty had 1. found out a past version of her had died here, 2. found out that her sex life was all over the internet, 3. had her powers go wonky again, 4. had her bar turned into a strip club, 5. saw Derek strip which was fine but also really weird, 6. dealt with Stiles being possessed, 7. gotten stabbed, 8. gotten hit on or something by her boyfriend's roommate, and 9. according to radio it looked like she'd gotten cheated on. Oh, and 10. now she had to find a new gym.

So Sunday had Kitty basically saying fuck this weekend, she was not leaving her apartment for any other horrible things to happen. And so the first part of her day was spent alternating eating ice cream, trying to watch Meg Ryan movies from her sofa in a position that didn't aggravate the gaping wound in her side, and if any squirrels said there'd been any tears today they were damn liars.

And then just like that, the pain in her side was gone. After a couple minutes she finally got up to go into the bathroom to take off the bandage and see that yes, it was totally healed, and then she went directly back to the couch (through the wall, thank god) to flop more comfortably on it.

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Kitty hadn't made it through her whole shift last night, instead leaving Caritas early to take care of some things.

This morning, those things had still needed taking care of. It was that kind of week.

The difference was that this time, mid...things, Kitty accidentally phased. One second she was upstairs, the next she was turning solid right before she hit the floor in the living room. It didn't hurt, but it did stun her a second. After that second she sat up and reached to grab the first thing she could- in this case, a couch cushion- just in case she had to cover up in the time it took her to run upstairs and phase through the door back into Clint's room.

"So," she said. "That was new."

[For the guy who probably gets bragging rights out of this, but if anyone in the house wants to react to a naked girl running upstairs, go for it.]
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Kitty was finding she'd really missed all the stuff that came with the beginning of a relationship. The feeling of just being happy with it, wanting to see someone all the time, and just thinking that everything was great because of it all.

What she hadn't missed was like that slightly self-conscious, completely-not-nervous-really feeling of making sure anything potentially embarrassing or messy had been dealt with before he came over. There were a few things that'd just been shoved into a closet because it was too early to really look like she was a nineteen-year-old who lived on her own and didn't usually get visitors.

So if Kitty was checking over to her apartment until Clint arrived to make sure she looked like an adult, really, then that would be why.

[For that guy!]


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