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Clint had come over last night, which was more than okay in Kitty's book, though it did pose a slight problem this morning. She'd been just awake enough when she rolled over to realize that something felt off- which a person might get used to after spending enough time in Fandom- and then there'd been a peek under the covers which hadn't gone the way she wanted it to, and now Kitty hated life again.

At least she had clothes in the closet from the last time this had happened, and maybe she could get to them before Clint woke up? And maybe she could just spend the rest of the weekend sitting in there?

[For the other boy in the bed.]
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Kitty would like to think that she handled most Fandom weirdness reasonably well. Unless of course you took away things like her powers or her brain, in which case she'd hate everything for a day or two and then get over it.

Apparently this also applied to losing her girlparts.

After waking up and girly-screaming with a voice that didn't really go with that sort of thing, Kitty had basically decided "nope." Then there'd been a search for clothes that wouldn't make her feel like she looked stupid in addition to feeling weird about this whole thing, and so there were pajama pants and a sweatshirt and then trying to figure out what things she could do angrily without leaving her apartment. It seemed the most reasonable option was something like angry cleaning, but screw that and so Kitty would be on the couch, sulkily channel surfing.

It was really hard to push a button hard enough to get your frustration out, did you know that? She did now.

[*spams flist!* Open!]
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When the fruitcake appeared in her kitchen, Kitty hadn't thought much of it. She was used to this sort of thing by now, and she fully expected to find more of them every time she opened a drawer or something. And then it started doing things like jumping at her and trying to make her eat it.

Which was really, really disturbing for a lot of reasons.

At the moment, Kitty had sealed the fruitcake in a cabinet, holding it closed with her foot while she tried duct taping it shut. It was duct tape, it was sturdy enough for that, right?

[The flist looks so lonely over the holidays. Open if you want to stop by!]
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All the cool people did their grocery shopping on a Friday night. Kitty was one of those cool people, coming up back to her apartment with a couple bags and finding gremlins caroling in the hall. That wasn't much of a surprise, considering she'd been seeing that all day. What was surprising was that this time they were singing the Dreidel Song.

Kitty stopped, figuring she had to listen all the way through. And when the gremlins finished up, looking at her expectantly, she shifted both bags to one hand, crouched down, and held up her free hand. "High five," she said.

All the cool kids also got high fives from gremlins, too.

[Erin's fault! Establishy.]
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Kitty had spent a lot of the day on the mainland, so she'd so far missed any creepiness. When she got home she dropped her keys on the table, toed off her shoes, and decided it was late enough that getting into more comfortable clothes (read: pajamas) was acceptable.

While out in public she tended not to phase lately, it wasn't like anyone was going to see her do it in her own apartment most days. So rather than dealing with things like doors, she walked through the wall into her bedroom-

-and was halfway through the wall when she saw the bald baby doll standing in the middle of the room. And then its head turned around 360 degrees to look at her.

Kitty backed off into the living room again, and closed the door to her room for good measure. "I don't need a bedroom anymore," she decided firmly. "I have a couch. Maybe I should move."



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