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Kitty was completely aware that her boyfriend was awesome, and that Clint deserved many, many rewards for spending his night at a salsa class with her. She'd had fun, though she didn't know what he was going to think now that it was over.

As they were dismissed and everyone began getting their things to go, Kitty turned to him and said, "That wasn't so bad."


[For the boy!]
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If she was being completely honest, Kitty was still pretty pissed at the town for the last crisis, but it was getting easier to be at least a little less bitter. And nights like tonight, when it was date night, it was almost possible to not think about the weirdness of Fandom at all.

Mostly. Because she'd had to shoo a gremlin onto the balcony a little while ago and she kept having to look through the glass door to make sure it hadn't found a way back in. Sigh.

[For ze date!]
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As promised, Kitty was putting the cooking skills she'd learned in Italy to use. What she was learning now was that it was a lot more difficult when you were on your own and didn't have anyone telling you what you were doing wrong. But nothing had blown up and everything looked okay so far and she even only had a little bit of flour on her face so it was looking pretty successful.

And okay, the kitchen was a total mess but she didn't think Clint would mind too much. She was still going to try to make the place look at least half decent before he got here, though.

Okay, maybe a quarter decent.

[For that guy!]
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Kitty had had plans for date night. She'd planned on setting up dinner on the roof because sunsets and stars were romantic and everything and she was trying here.

And then it'd started raining. Dammit, where was Storm when you needed her?

She still had dinner, so that part was fine, but until Clint showed up she'd be glowering out the window like that'd make the weather behave... and make the roof not wet. (Okay, and she'd send a text because she had to.)
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With both of their birthdays this week, Clint and Kitty had figured it was easier to do one combined thing in the middle of it rather than plan two things five days apart. Of course Kitty had still seen him on his birthday anyway but that wasn't the point. The point was that was low-key. Not that dinner was high-key or anything, but it did involve Kitty wearing an actual skirt instead of jeans or a shirt that was missing a back, so that was something.

As they finished ordering, Kitty frowned a little and asked, "Is it jinxing myself to say this is already better than other birthdays in recent history?"

[For the belated birthday boy!]
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It'd be pretty sad to say that Kitty thought she deserved a pat on the back for managing to wait like 48 hours for date #2 with Clint. So she wouldn't say it, but if anyone wanted to pat her on the back anyway, the line started right over here.

While there were probably wiser choices than sitting in a dark theater watching what would probably amount to an awful movie, they weren't as fun. So with plenty of time before the show started and any needed concessions gotten, the most important question was asked when they got into the actual theater: "Where should we sit?"

She was going to take a wild guess here that they weren't going anywhere near the front.

[For he who gets to pick the seats!]


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