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It had been a really, really long day so far. After this morning's chaos, they'd had to get everyone calmed down. And then they had to get the X-Men on the same page about what happened and what a school for mutant kids was supposed to do when most of their students weren't mutants anymore. And then they had to tell the kids what was happening. There had been a lot of time spent fielding calls from parents and calling the ones that for whatever reason hadn't called first and hugging people and trying to find out who was affected besides those who were here and watching the news channels freak out because aside from the few who remembered what happened on Genosha, no one in the world knew what was going on. When she got too stressed out, Kitty took a couple minutes to herself, phased up to Ororo's attic to have a good cry, and then came back down and went right back to it.

Things had settled enough that they'd done everything they could do for now. When most of the students had retreated to their rooms to be alone or pack, Kitty went back to her room to try calling or emailing the people she hadn't been able to get in touch with yet. Okay, maybe she hadn't done everything yet.

[Open for the boy or calls, etc.]
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With school finally ending- and not that she didn't love teaching disinterested, mostly mutant junior high kids but she needed the break- Kitty's life seemed to be mostly focusing on all the planning she had to do. Her dress wasn't ready and there were still a thousand tiny decisions to be made and while she wasn't a bridezilla she was trying to get things settled before her mom found something to get upset about.

So, she was sitting on the sofa with her laptop, playing with her spreadsheet on what still needed to be done and what vendors needed to be paid. And she was not at all cheating by keeping a browser window open to see all the arrangements they were making for the House of Magnus' gala. She was curious, okay?

[As of the last post Clint, Kitty and the rest of her world are under a glamor that they have some version of their perfect life. They've never been to Fandom and don't know anyone there unless they exist in Kitty's universe. Yes, it's temporary.
Open for calls to Kitty and Clint once he pings in!]


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