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Kitty had thought her biggest problem today was going to be that the last of her clothes had wandered off and she was going to be stuck in the same clothes she'd slept in all day. And then she got the call from Logan, and the clothes thing was the furthest thing from her mind.

She'd been sitting on the bed for a while, unfortunately unable to ignore her phone because it seemed like everyone wanted to make sure she knew what happened to Kurt when all she really wanted to do was not deal with it yet. With her particular group of friends, you got used to people dying on you, but there were times it hurt way more than others.

[La. Can be open.]
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The sun had gone down (you're welcome, vampire friends) and the lights brightening the outside of Avengers Tower had gone on. The outcropping had been decorated nicely with promises to Tony that it would be back to normal in the morning. There was a huppa on the far end with a certain blue mutant there to officiate, and plenty of seating on either side of the aisle for guests.

When the music started, Lucky and Rook were sent down the aisle first, wearing little doggie tuxes, with one carrying the rings on a pillow on his back. When they finally got up there, they were followed by Lockheed, tossing flowers out of a basket pretty much because he had opposable thumbs and that gave him flower dragon status.

And then Kitty came out, looking happy enough that she'd probably bounce all the way down the aisle if she didn't have Logan on her arm on the way. It was time to get this wedding started.

[If you think you got an invite, you did. Yay wedding!]
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Sometimes you just needed a quiet night in, and "sometimes" was apparently tonight. As she waited for Clint to show for movie night, Kitty was busying herself with making sure there was a decent selection of things to choose from.

Which was how she decided that she really needed to end this little habit of putting discs in whatever case she felt like at the time, because now she had to figure out what was where real quick. Hopefully he didn't mind that the coffee table had a couple stacks of things she was totally going to have to worry about putting away later.

[For the boy and his dog.]
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After a perfectly normal day in Chicago that didn't include any seizures or the killing of anyone, accidentally or otherwise, Kitty finally got back to her apartment.

She'd fully intended on just jumping into things like normal when she got home... and managed the super daunting task of unpacking before proceeding to sit on the sofa thinking/moping. For like an hour. At that point she decided this wasn't productive and she was bored with herself, and picked up her phone to send a text. Not that she particularly wanted to tell anyone what had happened, but she'd have to do it at some point.

[For the saver of awesome puppies.]


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