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Kitty had brought Clint with her to New York, and by the evening she decided to drag him out for date night. Westchester didn't have quite the selection NYC did, but she at least knew of a good pizza place.

As they waited for their food, she said, "This is how you know I love you. New York pizza and I'm missing the Cubs."

[For the date!]
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Kitty had actually had a pretty good weekend, catching up with friends who'd left and meeting some new people. And sure, getting mistaken for other versions of herself who'd gone here had been a little weird, especially being mistaken for a dead version of herself, but that was Fandom for you.

But it had left her with a lot to think about, so she was spending part of her day on the sofa with a pint of ice cream and what should have been puppy cuddles, but was mostly her telling Lucky that no, he couldn't have chocolate, sorry.

[For the guy!]
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Kitty had gotten back from New York today, and hadn't really wanted to do much of anything when she got back. So it wasn't till she'd hung around the house long enough to get just bored enough to clean up that she put the radio broadcasts from the last week on as background noise.

"Uh... honey?"

[I'm back! For the boy!]
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In the world Wanda had built for everybody, this last weekend would have been Clint and Kitty's wedding. Instead of being weird and awkward about it in Fandom, they'd taken the dogs and headed for Clint's safehouse, and stayed for slightly longer than intended because SDCC. While Kitty wasn't sure she felt better about the whole situation that they had been specifically not talking about, at least there'd been the distractions.

And on the last day, she'd procrastinated on packing enough to walk outside to the beach, where she could sit for a little bit without any squirrels spying on her.

[For the boy!]
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Kitty had fully intended to come in and get some administrative work done before her portal to New York. But Clint had come along, and she was feeling better after the last couple horrible weeks, and one thing led to another...

Unfortunately she'd forgotten that she'd lent Tino the office key, and he picked a terrible time to use it to return the clothes he borrowed yesterday. There was some screaming, and shielding of eyes, and after he'd run out and things were quiet again, Kitty said, "So that was a first."

[Checking off allll the I Nevers. For the boy!]
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It had been a really, really long day so far. After this morning's chaos, they'd had to get everyone calmed down. And then they had to get the X-Men on the same page about what happened and what a school for mutant kids was supposed to do when most of their students weren't mutants anymore. And then they had to tell the kids what was happening. There had been a lot of time spent fielding calls from parents and calling the ones that for whatever reason hadn't called first and hugging people and trying to find out who was affected besides those who were here and watching the news channels freak out because aside from the few who remembered what happened on Genosha, no one in the world knew what was going on. When she got too stressed out, Kitty took a couple minutes to herself, phased up to Ororo's attic to have a good cry, and then came back down and went right back to it.

Things had settled enough that they'd done everything they could do for now. When most of the students had retreated to their rooms to be alone or pack, Kitty went back to her room to try calling or emailing the people she hadn't been able to get in touch with yet. Okay, maybe she hadn't done everything yet.

[Open for the boy or calls, etc.]
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With school finally ending- and not that she didn't love teaching disinterested, mostly mutant junior high kids but she needed the break- Kitty's life seemed to be mostly focusing on all the planning she had to do. Her dress wasn't ready and there were still a thousand tiny decisions to be made and while she wasn't a bridezilla she was trying to get things settled before her mom found something to get upset about.

So, she was sitting on the sofa with her laptop, playing with her spreadsheet on what still needed to be done and what vendors needed to be paid. And she was not at all cheating by keeping a browser window open to see all the arrangements they were making for the House of Magnus' gala. She was curious, okay?

[As of the last post Clint, Kitty and the rest of her world are under a glamor that they have some version of their perfect life. They've never been to Fandom and don't know anyone there unless they exist in Kitty's universe. Yes, it's temporary.
Open for calls to Kitty and Clint once he pings in!]
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Kitty had pretty much just gotten to sleep when she heard her phone go off. Groaning in annoyance, she reached to pick up her phone to shut it off, but when the display showed it was Scott calling, she figured it was important. So she picked it up and went into the hallway so she could keep from disturbing Clint any more than she already had.

And then a couple minutes later, she came back into the room, more upset and headed straight for the closet so she could get dressed.

[For the guy, mwahaha.]
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Kitty had brought Lexi to class with her, and they returned to the house a little later than expected, with their hands full of grocery bags. Apparently these things happened when your kid was cute and inherited her dad's habit of doing the whole big ol' innocent eyes thing.

"We brought home ice cream!" Lexi announced the second she was inside, because there were things to get excited about, and then there was ice cream.

[For the dad!]
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Kitty woke up to find more messages on her phone from after she went out last night and went to sleep. Now, she could reply to them now and see what happened, buuuut last time this happened (when she was a lion) she was pretty sure it only lasted a day, so. If she had your number she was sending a text:

Okay did anyone MEAN to actually tell me anything yesterday?

Just in case she missed something.

[Felt this was necessary and she got most of the messages yesterday so! Open for return texts!]
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Kitty hadn't taken a lot of damage in the fight with the Inheritors, but phasing a bunch of people at once again kind of took it out of her. Again. Because this was like the third time in like two weeks that she'd had to do it and uuugh she was over it.

So once she got home, she cleaned the cut on her arm and stuck a bandage on it, and then flopped on the bed to cuddle Lucky whether he liked it or not.
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Kitty and Clint were still at Xavier's, because there were still plenty of kids who needed to talk after being tortured by a sentient Danger Room using their dead classmate's body to do so. Kitty was just glad she didn't have the job of calling Wing's parents or dealing with that, because after the last couple days, she just didn't have it in her. The day had been traumatic and stressy, and she'd fallen asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

In her dream, Kitty was sitting under a tree on the lawn of the school when she heard someone call her, and she turned around to see her dad, alive and well. She ran to hug him, to assure herself that he was real, and he told her he only had one question. That question was, "Why did you let us die?" and then he began burning away right in front of her-

And that was when Kitty startled awake, not even sure what the noise she'd made was and hoping that she didn't wake Clint up, while also kind of hoping she woke Clint up because she probably needed a hug.

[For the guy.]
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there is something deeply wrong with joss )

[Preplayed with the lovely [ profile] so_hawkward, NFB, NFI, OOC okay! Taken from Astonishing X-Men and Warning for violence, NPC suicide and some terrible stuff stemming from that.]
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Clint and Kitty had always been low-key about things like holidays, so there weren't huge plans for today. Which was probably good, since the blizzard probably would have put a wrench in things anyway, and also, the whole pollen thing meant the odds would have been against them even making it out the door. Luckily there were dogs that had to be taken care of or they'd never leave.

Kitty had volunteered to do just that today, figuring the cold would at least cool her down a little, and on the way back she stopped to get Chinese to bring back for dinner. (This was maybe based on being able to add "in bed" to the fortune cookies, shhh.) That should tide them over for a while and prevent potential weirdness in a delivery guy coming over. When she got back, she let the dogs loose inside, shrugged off her coat and called, "Honey, I'm home!"

She still liked being able to say that, by the way.

[For the Valentine, and for great SP justice.]
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It'd been a week since Kitty moved in and she was maybe still trying to put her best face forward so Clint wouldn't start thinking this was a mistake. At least not immediately. Which was why she even tried to wash any dishes that were used in the making of Super Bowl food right away, even if they were just used to make like, dip.

So that was all done when she brought some of the food out to the living room, saying, "So are we rooting for the game, too, or just the commercials?"

[For the guy!]
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The thing about Kitty staying overnight in Westchester on Wednesdays was that when things like truth day rolled around, she didn't have other people or radio to clue her in that something was up. Sure, she'd gone off on Emma, but that could happen literally any day, Fandom weirdness or not. And okay, maybe she'd been a little talkier than normal, but she hadn't thought anything of it. Of course if she'd run into Peter at all today this would be an entirely different, more embarrassed story.

But it wasn't, and so once Kitty got back to Fandom she sent Clint a text to let him know she was back, and got a little caught up in unpacking and sorting things out since she actually hadn't been back to her apartment in like a week.

[Mwahahaha for one!]
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After two years as a couple, there were almost too many options for where to spend the holidays, and after some deliberation Clint and Kitty decided that they'd stay in Fandom for once. And if they were going to stay here, then Kitty figured they at least had to do it right, which meant there was going to have to be a tree.

Besides, Kitty was kind of glad to get off island, because while she'd had the foresight to bring an umbrella for the snow, there were still patches of her clothes that had been turned colors, thanks a lot, Fandom.

"I thought we'd be cutting it close, but this is still a lot of trees," Kitty said, looking around.

[For the shopping partner.]
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When they'd left what was left of Benetech, Kitty just wanted to get back to the mansion and crawl into bed and let everything sink in. Except on the way she'd found out that while she'd been getting Peter, the Stepford Cuckoos had reached out to Emma to tell her something was wrong there. That meant that once they got back, there were freaked-out kids to deal with, along with Wing himself, and Kitty barely had the energy to deal with it. That went for mental and emotional energy along with the physical kind. She tried anyway.

Finally, when Logan took it upon himself to get Peter settled in, he also told Kitty to go the hell to bed and things would still be broken in the morning, and that was all the encouragement she needed. She just went straight up to her (and Clint's, when he was here) room, phased out of her costume and threw on a sleep shirt and then flopped onto the bed without even bothering with the covers. It was that kind of night.

[For the Avenger!]
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After radio and class and leaving a lot of I am SO SORRY texts, Kitty went back to the house with coffee and pastries because there were some days that was just needed. Like the day after you spent a weekend as a vampire/werewolf hybrid with way too much drama going on and when you were not at all looking forward to work tomorrow.

"Ugh," she said by way of greeting when she phased in. She even skipped the poking-her-head-in-to-see-if-she-was-talking-to-thin-air thing today, because ugh.

[For the boy.]


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