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25 Unicorn- Saturday morning

After last week's... whole thing, Kitty was planning on just having a quiet weekend in. So she was going about her morning as usual, making some eggs and pancakes because she felt like it while she waited for the coffee to brew.

You'd think by now she'd realize that prom last night meant there was a fifty/fifty shot it would be one of those weekends, but it hadn't occurred to her yet.

[For the fam!]
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Clint had just rolled out of bed, so he was barely aware that it was Saturday, let alone that there had been anything going on last night. "Smells good," he said, yawning and patting at his hair to try to get it somewhat out of the terrible bedhead state.
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"You know I'm always happy to eat your cooking," Clint said. "Better to have too much, and we can save it for later if we need to."

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And from the front door came what might be a familiar doorbell ring, followed by another, then another one about ten seconds later when no one answered fast enough.
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Lucky and Rook made it to the door first, mostly because the doorbell had made Clint realize he still didn't have his shirt on. When he went to answer the door, he was really glad he'd taken the time to get dressed.

"Hello random strange girl I've never met before," he said, desperately trying to keep the grin off of his face. "Are you here to sell us cookies?"

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"No but if you have cookies I wouldn't say no," Lexi said sweetly, already going in to hug his legs.
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Yeah, this was officially Clint's favorite weekend of the year, by far.

"How about eggs and pancakes? Your mom made a big breakfast this morning," he offered. "We can sneak lots of syrup while she's not looking."

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"I heard that," said Kitty from the kitchen.

Lexi put a hand up to her mouth so Kitty couldn't see what she was saying and whispered, "We'll have to be really sneaky."
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"I'll be like a ninja, I promise," Clint whispered back, before leading Lexi into the house and smiling at Kitty. "Prom was last night, wasn't it?"
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"I'd tell you that you should be avoiding portals, but it's still really good to see you," Clint said, ruffling Lexi's hair.

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"I don't go through any portals except the ones that come here," Lexi said, wrinkling her nose at the hair-ruffling. "That'd be a good way to get grounded."
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"Oh, so we do discipline you, good to know," Clint teased. "Are you doing okay? Are you happy? No boys picking on you?"

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"Boys better not pick on me," said Lexi, who probably at least knew how to throw a decent punch by now because she was Kitty's kid. "I'm happy. Getting all A's, too."
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"Wow, you're really smart," Clint said with genuine pride. Lexi was his, so she could have ended up not really smart, after all. "And you have the right attitude about boys. You should just want to punch all of them, all the time, until you're 30."

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"If Mom did that you guys wouldn't be married," she pointed out.

That smart thing was a double-edged sword.
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Ouch, owned by his own child. At least Kitty was the only one who witnessed it. "Fine, you can stop punching boys when you're 20. Maybe. If any of them are good enough for you."

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Lexi thought about it, and decided, "Makes sense." That was forever away anyway. "Did you guys miss me?"
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"Of course," Clint said, like the tight hug he leaned down to give her wouldn't give that away. "We always miss you. You're the best, you know that, right?"

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"You tell me enough," Lexi smiled, hugging him back. "Not that I mind."
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Clint laughed. "I'd imagine not. Is it, uh, still just you?"

Sorry Kitty, he had to ask!

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Hey, Kitty was curious, too.

"Me and the dogs," Lexi confirmed. "They're like brothers and sisters, but I don't have to share my stuff."
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"And you get all our attention. Someday, you're going to be a teenager, and that won't be so much fun," Clint teased. He got a plate out and filled it with food, setting it down on the table for her. "Here, this is all yours. Going through a portal makes you hungry, right?"

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"Yep," she said, taking a seat at the table, and then stage whispering, "Extra syrup, please."