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New York, NY- Sunday

Kitty didn't exactly hate it when Chrismakkuh came up, since it was sort of nice to celebrate all at once. And it also meant splitting their time a little, having gone back to Kitty's New York yesterday.

And today she was sitting on the floor of Clint's place in his New York, trying to get Rook to sit still to get a Santa hat on her. "Okay, what you're not seeing here is that it's going to be adorable," she reasoned.

Lucky was probably more used to this.

[For the hubby!]
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Lucky was definitely used to it, as was Clint, who had the fluffy part of his hat pushed back as he read through the set of instructions that had come with... whatever the hell this thing was that Tony had gotten him. "Someday, Amazon is gonna sue Stark, and it's gonna be hilarious," he said, glancing over at Kitty and Rook. "Are you going to want to do a family photo with us and the dogs?"
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"Aww, come here girl," Clint said, summoning Rook onto his lap. Once she climbed onto him, he wrapped his arms around her legs and held onto her. "All right, get her hatted up and we can see how long it stays on."
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At that, Lucky walked over to her, tail wagging as he chomped at the Christmas bone in his mouth. He was still being good and wearing his hat, thank you very much.
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"Do you know who you're going to send this picture to?" Clint asked, getting his phone out. He was sure the Avengers would be getting it, but he was going to hope they wouldn't, just in case.
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Clint sighed, but then smiled anyway as he took the picture because he was the best husband ever, as far as he was concerned.

"At least we'll make some people jealous," he said as he gave her the phone.
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Clint laughed, getting some petting time in with Rook while he had her there. "We are pretty awesome, that's for sure," he said. "It'll also be a nice reminder that I still haven't driven you away."
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"Hey, you know I don't know how to change that back," Clint said, reaching for her and the phone. "I was going to say how nice it was that we survived until the holidays, but now I'm not so sure."
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"I know I'm lucky," Clint said, giving her a more sincere smile. "Believe me, I've seen enough alternatives to really know how lucky I am."
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"Maybe we're living our best possible lives, so anything else is awful in comparison?" Clint suggested. "Or if anything was better, we'd never believe it was really our lives."