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25 Unicorn Street- Saturday morning

Sure, Kitty was waking up in a new bed and there was a boy there. That was important for roughly four seconds.

Because on the approximate fifth second, she'd realized there were puppies in the room, and clearly it was more important to be on the floor and playing with them. And maybe shrieking with glee once or twice when one of them would try to lick her face.

[For the sorta-hubby, to live the lives we as a people deserve for ourselves.]
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Clint was only slightly awake when he felt the bed moving, but what really got him up was one of the dogs licking his face. "Ugh, dog breath," he said, wiping at his cheek.

He'd notice Kitty soon enough, surely.
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Clint rolled over, and then rolled over against because geez, this bed was big, and peered down. "Hi. Do the dogs want to go outside, do you think?" he asked. "They seem friendly but I don't know if they're just hungry."
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"That'd be funny if they could. I bet these ones are real smart," Clint said, leaning waaaay over the edge of the bed until he was almost falling out. "I'm Clint. Sorry I didn't say that right away." Dogs were kind of distracting.
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"No, I don't need help," Clint said quickly. Then he tried to get up and grunted when he realized he couldn't. "Okay I need help please."
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Well, at least now he was able to roll and get onto his back, but that mostly just meant he was looking at Kitty upside down now. "This bed is too big. It's like that Papa Bear bed from a story."
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"You told me not to fall 'cause I'd hurt myself. Did you hurt yourself?" Clint asked, looking her over. As well as he could upside down, at least.
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Clint sat up a little and yeah, that was a fun wooshing feeling. "Ooh, cool," he said, laughing. "How'd you get all smart and stuff?"
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"How come they don't talk to you like you're a kid. You're a kid," Clint said, finally getting up and scooting safely off of the bed.
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"I think I'd rather play by myself," Clint said, making a face as he cuddled up to one of the dogs. "My big brother doesn't talk to me like I'm dumb most of the time, so I guess that counts too."