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25 Unicorn Street- Tuesday afternoon

Kitty was really tired of being a literal kitty. She wanted a real bath, and a hamburger, and also opposable thumbs again. It was tougher when Clint wasn't in any shape to help out, either, and it was pretty clear the dogs were over this whole situation, too.

So for now, she was laying on the sofa, emitting the occasional pitiful meow as she tried to work the remote to turn the TV on.

[For that guy!]
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At least Kitty had paws to try to hit the remote. Clint was getting tired of pecking at things and he was pretty sure the dogs were going to start biting him back if he wasn't himself soon. He squawked at Kitty, pretty sure he agreed with whatever she was trying to communicate.
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Clint took one look at Kitty and started squawking louder, flapping his wings as he perched on the arm of the couch, until he was suddenly draped over the couch, equally naked.

"--and I can't even do anything about it! Uh," he said. "Hey sweetheart."
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Clint stood up quickly, and he would have covered himself a little but, well, there wasn't anything going on that Kitty hadn't already seen before. "You too. Ugh, I swear, being an animal always leaves a weird taste in my mouth."
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"Okay, how about we shower, then get clothes, then eat real food," Clint said. "That seems like a logical order, right?"
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"They love us and didn't eat us while we were their size. I'm taking that as a good sign," Clint said. "Maybe we should feed them first so they'll really love us again though."
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Clint looked around for a minute and found his thankfully unpecked phone in the kitchen. It was dead, but when he plugged it in, he was able to get the main screen to come up. "Uh, it's Tuesday. The 26th, I mean."
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"Way too long. But then again, if anything weird happened over the weekend, we missed it?" Clint pointed out.
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"We can pretend we're somewhere nice by turning the shower up really high," Clint suggested with a smirk, linking his arm with Kitty's to start leading her to the bedroom.
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"You say that like my flirting wouldn't normally work," Clint said, pretending to look offended as he led Kitty into the bathroom and got the shower turned on. "I don't think you can resist falling for me."
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"Are you sure? I don't know if I believe you," Clint said teasingly, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I don't think you would have married me if you could resist me."
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"I wouldn't ask you to do anything if you really had a headache," Clint said. "I'd try to help though." He led her into the shower, sighing a little with relief at how nice the water felt. "Oh, being human is the best thing ever."