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25 Unicorn Street- Saturday morning

When this was over and Kitty was herself again, she was going to give serious thought to taping something above the wall that told her who she was for days like this.

But she didn't have that now, so when she sat up, she was confused and mildly panicked to be in a room she didn't recognize, in a bed with a guy she didn't know, and not know how she got there. She didn't feel hungover? So she was trying very quietly to get up and find clothes, and at least finding those was pretty intuitive even when you didn't know who you were.

[For the hubby and SP!]
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Clint would worry about not knowing the girl climbing out of the bed when she was done getting dressed, because for the moment she made for a very distracting sight. "Leaving already?" he asked with a grin.
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"I could help with that too." After a moment, Clint added, "You know, probably. If you want. Or I could get dressed and get going." He didn't recognize the decor, so this had to be her place, right?
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"I... thought this was your place," Clint said, looking around and laughing. "Maybe we picked up a third person and this is their place?"
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"With enough drinks, every girl is that type of girl," Clint said with a smirk. Since he'd established that he was kind of a jerk, he added, "I'm sorry, I'm just going to admit I've forgotten your name."
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"Hey, I'm sorry," he said. "I'm... still a little drunk at the moment, I think." That would explain why he couldn't give her his name, right?
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Clint saw what she was looking at, and then stared at his own hand. "Okay, that's interesting."
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"Yeah. It's pretty nice looking, actually," Clint said, looking around. "Are we in Vegas? Do you think we did like a quickie wedding or something?"