throughaphase: (outside)
Kitty Pryde-Barton ([personal profile] throughaphase) wrote2016-05-18 08:46 am

Utopia- Wednesday morning

The X-Men had left New York for an island off San Francisco that they called Utopia, which Scott was running as the new base of operations. Kitty had known about that, but it was kind of weird to be here as a guest, where she didn't have her normal room, where she often didn't know where things were. It felt off.

Kurt's memorial had been yesterday, which threw everything else into feeling off, too. Everyone was sad, especially the people she was closest to. She couldn't even talk to Logan, he was taking it that hard. And while normally she'd have grabbed Illyana for some distraction time, Illyana was off, too, and her team seemed really wary of outright afraid of her. So there was that.

This morning Kitty had given up trying to fit in in a new situation, and just went outside a little early to sit on the rocks and look out over at the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. This part at least was good.

[For the hubby!]

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