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25 Unicorn Street- Sunday morning

Kitty had thought her biggest problem today was going to be that the last of her clothes had wandered off and she was going to be stuck in the same clothes she'd slept in all day. And then she got the call from Logan, and the clothes thing was the furthest thing from her mind.

She'd been sitting on the bed for a while, unfortunately unable to ignore her phone because it seemed like everyone wanted to make sure she knew what happened to Kurt when all she really wanted to do was not deal with it yet. With her particular group of friends, you got used to people dying on you, but there were times it hurt way more than others.

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Clint wasn't terribly bothered by being down to a few pairs of pants and no shirts, and he didn't think Kitty was having a terrible time with this either, which is why he was surprised by how she looked when he got back from walking the dogs. "Hey, are you okay?"

Lucky, for his part, wasted no time in getting all up on Kitty's lap and the bed.
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That made Clint stop what he was doing and just stare for a moment in disbelief. "Kurt? But... that can't be right. Who called?"
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"No, that's okay, I believe you," Clint said, sitting down on the other side of Kitty from Lucky. "What happened?"
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"I'm so sorry," Clint said, putting his arm around Kitty and giving her a squeeze. "What can I do? Is there even something I can do?"
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"We," Clint said firmly, hugging her tightly. "We've got to go. You're not going by yourself."
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"An outfit for the memorial, a more casual outfit for anything else, and some weapons. At least, that's how I'm going to pack," he said, smiling softly.
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Riiiiight, that was going to be a problem. "Maybe the clothing stores in town will have something. They won't be surprised if we show up without much on."
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"He would have. He seemed like a really nice guy. I mean, it was nice of him to do the wedding and all," Clint said, sighing. "This sucks. You shouldn't have to lose people like this."
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Clint hugged Kitty again. "He cared about you guys a lot, that much was clear. I'm not surprised he went out being heroic," he said. "It'll be hard to come up with a memorial to really honor him, I think."