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Kitty Pryde-Barton ([personal profile] throughaphase) wrote2016-04-23 08:32 pm

25 Unicorn Street- Saturday night

With the Earthbound Brood portaled out to who knows where, and a lot of people probably infected, Kitty felt a little torn in several directions today on top of all the massive guilt. And despite fighting today, getting information out and getting a plan together and knowing there was more information that still had to get out, she also knew that her priority right now was calling Hank.

[Can be open if you're good for SP!]

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It wasn't unlike Kitty to randomly call to say hi, so Hank didn't think anything of it when he got this call.

"Katherine!" he greeted her when he picked up.

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"They invaded Fandom? Are you and Clint all right?" First things first.

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"Done. I'll get them to you," he said immediately.

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"I'll deal with Abigail." Because Brand was definitely the hurdle here, but Hank had put himself on the line to save her from the Brood once, and he'd get into a fight with his girlfriend for Kitty. "I'll send them over as soon as I'm able."