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25 Unicorn Street- Friday morning

Kitty had a bad habit of overthinking things, and the last couple weeks had given her a lot of material. And after overthinking all through getting ready for today, she decided she should probably address it.

She went downstairs, saying, "So, should we talk?"

[For the husband!]
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"That's never a good thing to hear," Clint said, looking up at her from where he was applying tape to one of his bows. "Unless you want to talk about something good?"
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Ooooh yeah they needed to talk about that.

"I was just... she asked if we'd had her for real yet and I just thought... I was kind of teasing, I mean. I know we'll get her eventually, and who knows if the kids will come back next year and... yeah."
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"It wasn't a hint. I would never--look, I know parenting is a two-person thing, and making the baby in the first place is a two-person thing, but there's a whole nine-month process in there that's very much a one-person thing and that person isn't me," he said. "I don't want to rush things. We've barely been married for a month. And ultimately, if and when we do the whole kid thing is going to be up to you. I have my opinions but I would never push."
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Clint put the bow down and turned a little so he could face Kitty, giving her his undivided attention. "I want kids someday, but I also worry about what kind of dad I'd be. Every time Lexi shows up, I feel like maybe I'm not screwing anything up, and Cooper and Lila seemed to be fairly well-adjusted too. But I think about how me and Barney grew up and... I just want to make sure I'm better than that, you know?"
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"I know she wouldn't. For one thing, she'll have two of us," Clint said, squeezing her hand. "And you're awesome."
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"I... probably spent some time thinking about it too. Especially right after I said that to Lexi," Clint said. "I was wondering if I should have kept my mouth shut or something."
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Clint sighed dramatically, shifting closer to Kitty and putting his arm around her. "You mean you want us to talk to each other like normal married people? Ugh, you ask for so much."