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The Bahamas- Wednesday

Kitty had a feeling that at some point she was going to end up having to frantically take pictures of random things here, because when her mom asked how the honeymoon was, Kitty could not say that she and Clint hadn't really left the room.

Because of course they hadn't. They'd kept to themselves and seen very little and that was totally fine. And it also meant Kitty had to remember to put a robe on before answering the door for room service.

"Food's here," she said, carrying the tray over to the bed.

[For the husband!]
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The nice thing about Kitty getting the food was that Clint didn't have to get dressed. "Awesome. I've somehow worked up a real appetite."
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"All those trips we went on to get out of town for a while we're good practice for this," Clint said, looking over the food. "This is still better though. First trip as a married couple." The shiny wasn't going to wear off the "married" part any time soon.
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"I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it's going to be fake," Clint admitted. "The rings help. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with it on missions though. Not that I have any soon, but still," Clint said.
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"Maybe. I'm far off the radar, but I can tell that something's brewing. Some of the SHIELD folks looked a little tense at the wedding," Clint said, snagging a piece of bacon because he was way more about the protein right now. "Or maybe they were waiting for something terrible to happen."
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"Hey, I made a promise to protect you, until death do us part in the very very far away future," Clint said, laughing.
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"I will never, ever forget that. It's part of your charm," Clint said, leaning over the plates to kiss her.
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"Nah. I just like thinking about how this is a long term thing that's going to affect me a lot in the long run," Clint admitted. "Is that weird?"
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"And how that stuff will look now that I'm never letting you do it on your own again," Clint said. "I'm not running the risk of anything happening to you without me being there."
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"Would you want to?" Clint asked, stealing another piece of bacon. "Some of them can be kind of boring stakeouts, and some can be... well, I was going to say weird, but they're no more weird than your X-Men adventures."
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"It's always an option as far as I'm concerned. And... I guess if you're going to have me tag along with your stuff, you should get to tag along for mine," Clint said. "That would be fair and more like a married couple." He wasn't going to stop having squishy feelings about that any time soon.
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"We did," Clint said, clinking his ring against hers with a laugh. "By the way, speaking of X-folks, I'm sorry Barney and Logan got into a fight. I swear, I can't bring Barney anywhere."