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25 Unicorn Street- Tuesday morning

There'd been a couple days back home, which had involved a reunion with Kitty's formerly dead best friend, a lot of confusion over the story of how, a general uneasy feeling partially because of the story of how (no one should feel good about part of someone's soul getting stolen, let's put it that way), and an argument with Peter about all of it.

And now back at home with some time to process, Kitty said from the couch, "So that was weird."

[For the guy who gets to marry into all this!]
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Clint was only slightly concerned about marrying into all of this, which said a lot about how awesome Kitty was. "I'd say people coming back from the dead is totally weird, but you've met Coulson, so... I mean, I guess he wasn't technically dead but..." Clint sighed as he sat down next to her. "Yeah sweetie, your world is really weird."
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"A decade ago, I would have thought none of that could be true, so at least I can acknowledge that's a thing that might be real?" Clint said, laughing. "And hey, it would have been worse if she came back after the wedding." Which, Clint suddenly realized, was this month now that it was March.
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"Is that why she was weird around me? I wasn't sure if it was me, or if it was everyone, or if I'm crazy. Possibly all three," Clint said.
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"I think she's earned the right to be weird for a while," Clint said. "More importantly, how are you doing?"
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"Buuuut," Clint said, because yeah, even his clueless ass could see there was more to that statement.
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"And you think it's more than spending years in Limbo?" Clint asked. "I can't imagine the kind of effect that would have on a person."
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Clint glared a little at that. "He doesn't need to be yelling at you for caring about your best friend."
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"I guess if something happened to Barney, I'd be the same way," Clint said. "Maybe he's worried something's wrong too, but if it is... he could end up losing her twice."
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"Maybe, for now. Or keep an eye on things and just don't tell him?" Clint suggested. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."
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"If there's a pillow fight, I want to be there to witness it," Clint said immediately. "First, let her adjust back to being here and fully alive and all, and then pillow fight."
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Yeah, Clint was just going to need a moment, and then he'd be okay again, really. "Now I have a mental image going, and it's all your fault," he said, his eyes wide.