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A store on the mainland- Saturday evening

Last week Kitty and Allie had made shopping plans. That was before this week happened. And as much as Kitty wanted to be at home with Clint right now, by the end of the week you needed little breaks, to remember that the outside world was there, and to like, hydrate and stuff.

"Raise your hand if you're wondering how fast we can do this in order to get back," Kitty said as they stepped into the store.

[For the friendly neighborhood vampire!]

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Allie's hand was in the air almost before Kitty had finished speaking.

"Not that I'm looking to get to the party and possibly find someone to climb like a tree, but yeah..." she grumbled. "Stupid island."

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"Tiny and the DJ offered," Allie shuddered. "I will never be that desperate. And I don't know, maybe I'm too stubborn to go looking for it. But now that there's a party...Does that even make sense?"

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"That's one way of looking at it. Or you can consider it a meat market for the desperate and horny." She was only kidding.

"So, what are we looking for here? Sequins are definitely out. Vampires are not supposed to sparkle."

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"Maybe a tiny step out," Allie said. "This much."

This much was a three inch gap between the fingers of the hand she held up.

"It depends on how persuasive you can be."

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Allie looked down at her chest. Or at least what there was of it.

"You can throw all you want, I'm not sure how well it's going to work."

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"Now that sounds like a torture device," Allie teased. "But I'll suffer for friendship's sake."

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"I feel like if I wore that I'd have a sudden desire to creep after you and watch you sleep." Yes, she'd hate read those books.

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"I know right? But it's supposed to be romantic. Go figure." Allie pulled a dress off the rack and frowned at it. "I do like the color. But I think I'm too short to pull something like this off."

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"I was thinking about something a little shorter," she admitted. "If I'm going to wear heels, I might as well show off my legs."

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"I'm making great sacrifices for you," Allie laughed. "Besides, maybe I want to be tall for a night."

Only if you wore stilts Allie...

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"Didn't I ever tell you? You can't take pictures of me. Weird vamp thing."

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

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"Possible," Allie agreed. "Or maybe something like this? It's not quite as clingy."

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She reached out for the dress Kitty was holding. "Let me try them on and see how they look."

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"I wouldn't mind some input. I'm kind of new at this," Allie replied, slipping into one of the fitting rooms. "But do you want a dress or do you think something lingerie like would be more appropriate for this week?"

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"Neither have I," she called over the door. "Maybe I should consider some. Somebody at some point would probably appreciate it."

"Hmmmmm..." Opening the door Allie stood wearing the dress Kitty had picked out. "I like it. But it's kind of straight."

That's because she had no curves whatsoever.

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She did a slow twirl so Kitty could check out the dress from all angles, then closed the door to change dresses. "Thanks. It's a weird feeling."

"This...has possibilities," Allie said when she opened the door.

The cut of the dress almost made it seem like she had hips.