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25 Unicorn Street- Sunday morning

For Kitty, Valentine's Day had gone from it's just another day to one of her favorite days of the year, due in no small part to her now-fiance. Or due entirely to him, whatever. It also helped that they acted the same on Valentine's Day that they did the rest of the year, so it was more like a day to appreciate how hard she'd lucked out here.

Also helping, flowers!

Once she'd brought them inside, she called, "Special delivery!" while setting them on the coffee table so she could start looking at cards.

[For the fiance, and all the SP!]
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Clint was awake and upright but still rocking some awesome bedhead as he came downstairs. "Did multiple people send you flowers? I'm gonna uninvited some people from the wedding of those cards aren't polite," he said.
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"They'd better be. I mean, not too friendly," Clint said. He picked up one of the cards and read it, smiling at Kitty. "You know, I'm just supposed to get you flowers, not the other way around."
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"And thank you," he said, kissing her back. "It'll be nice to be married next year at this time, and send husband and wife flowers."
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"We are kind of disgustingly into each other," Clint teased. "But I don't mind being a little mushy if you don't."