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Kitty Pryde-Barton ([personal profile] throughaphase) wrote2016-01-25 04:49 pm

Your mail- as of Monday

Kitty had had these done for a couple weeks, but made herself wait until it was actually two months until the date in order to send them. And when it was exactly two months eeeeee, out the invitations went. Also enclosed were cards telling people exactly how to get to the correct dimension which was going to be really hard to explain to a few relatives, but it needed to happen.

And officially Kitty was going to lose her brain to this from here on out. Sorry, everyone she dealt with.

[Text: You are cordially invited to the wedding of Katherine Pryde and Clint Barton
Saturday, March 25, 2016
Wedding and reception at Avengers Tower

If you think you got it, you did, and you get to come, yay!]