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New York- Friday

Thanksgiving had been a little abnormal because it was hard to do dinner when one of you couldn't eat, and Hanukkah had just been a mess. But this Christmas could be a good one, and Kitty definitely appreciated it more, even if it wasn't actually her holiday.

She and Clint had gone back to his New York for the holiday, where they could see everyone and not have to worry about anything invading (hopefully). There was a Christmas movie on TV, there was coffee, and there was a happy Kitty on the couch saying, "I'm really glad we came here."

[For the fiancé!]
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Since Kitty was back to normal, Clint didn't feel so bad about eating, so he was having another piece of pumpkin pie while trying to keep the top of his Santa hat out of his face. "I'm glad we came here too. At least it sort of feels like Christmas." Stupid El Nino messing with the weather.
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"Wouldn't that be an abuse of her powers? I don't want to get on any of your people's bad sides," Clint said, looking right at her and flicking his hat back into place.
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"My hat is perfect just like it is," Clint said. "If you're jealous, I can find one for you too."
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There were totally going to be cheesy Christmas cards in their future, she just needed to accept it. "I tried to get him to wear one, but he kept trying to take it off," Clint said. "I'm gonna try a dog sweater next, once it gets cold again."
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"Tape it like tape it down, or tape it like videotape my attempts to get my dog to be festive?" Clint asked with a laugh.
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Clint blinked a little and grinned. "You know, I didn't think about the fact that next year, we'll be married for Christmas. That's a nice thought."
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"And it's nice to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel," Clint said. "That someday we get to stop planning and just be married."