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The Xavier School- Thursday morning

Last night had been a nightmare. When it was all over, there were bodies to be dealt with, Peter and Logan and Scott were in the infirmary and realistically Clint probably should have been too, and Kitty had died, albeit temporarily. There'd been some insistence that she should get checked out after that, but (death aside) she'd really never been better, healthwise. Besides, after months of not really even being able to touch her fiance, she'd wanted to be able to jump him already the quality time.

She woke up early, because even if she'd gotten too little sleep her body clock was entirely screwed up now, and she kept her eyes closed, snuggling closer to Clint because she could. "Best morning ever," she murmured.

[For the guy she can actually snuggle with again whee!]
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For a moment, Clint was certain that he was having a post-concussion dream, but then he remembered everything that happened and smiled, putting his hand on Kitty's arm and letting her get as close as she wanted. "Let me sleep. This is a nice dream," he said warmly.
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"I don't know, I'm kinda fantasizing at the moment. You're less clothed in my head," Clint said with a smirk.
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Clint grinned at her, pulling his own shirt off and turning in the bed to face her. "Hey. You're still really real," he said, slipping his arm over her waist.
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"That's not real. This is real," Clint said, sliding his hand up her side, over her neck, through her hair. "Do you feel all right? Not just solid, but good."
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"You don't have to worry about anything right now. And I'd be very happy to make you feel better," Clint said with a smirk.
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"Oh? What's that?" Clint asked, leaning in to press kisses along her neck and under her chin. Man, he had missed this so much.
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That got Clint to stop for a moment and pick his head up to look at her. "Seriously? No more back and forth?"
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Clint broke into an even bigger grin, and rolled them so he was on top of Kitty, to kiss her properly. "I love that idea. I want to work on us too." Especially now that there's an us, and not me and the girl in the suit."
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"I can't believe I'm about to say this about something involving wedding planning, but I really like the sound of that," Clint said, laughing. "I thought I was never going to get to do that with you, and... yeah, we have a second chance, so we should use it."
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"Well, being unbelievably crazy in love with you helps a little," Clint teased, kissing her harder.
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"You are aware that once we get back to our place and there's no one around to walk in on us but dogs, I'm not letting you out of the bed for at least a day, right?" Clint said with a smirk as his hands drifted over Kitty's body. "I have to make a thorough inspection so I know you're really all right."
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"And I need to remind you why you want to marry me," Clint said, peppering her with kisses again. "And stay with me."
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"But I could be doing better?" Clint said, with a filthy look.
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That was Clint's cue to get on top of her again, and glance at the door. "No one's going to need us for a little while, right?"
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If anyone brought up the noises, Clint was not going to apologize. "Then I guess this is a good time to start checking on you," he said, burrowing under the covers with her. This is absolutely not where he thought they'd be a few weeks ago, but he had no complaints.