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Xavier School- early Monday morning

There had really been no choice but to kill the other queen as part of a team effort. From there they'd been able to negotiate with the remaining Brood: the X-Men would transport the Brood to their home system, but only because of that whole extinction thing. The X-Men would be allowed to leave, and the Brood in them would be safely removed and allowed to live, but they wouldn't return to the others. The Brood refused to take the Broodling back, which was fine since Storm wouldn't have allowed them to anyway, and he'd stay at the Peak until the other Broodlings hatched so he could try to influence them into being not totally murderous and terrible. Storm also insisted on inviting him to the school if he ended up as much of an outcast among them as he feared.

The sun was rising when they finally got back to the mansion. They said goodbye to Hank and Brand, and Lockheed and Kitty had a long talk about where they were these days. Since she was technically still living between two universes, he'd stay with SWORD, at least for now. But they were working something out so they could see each other more, which was why he was still around today.

Normally Kitty would crawl into bed and go the hell to sleep, but since she didn't do that anymore, instead she laid on the bed next to Clint. Lockheed curled up directly next to her to sleep, as was only right.

[For the non-dragon in the bed.]
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Clint smiled a little when he felt the bed dip with Kitty's weight, but he narrowed his eyes a little when he saw Lockheed. "I'm assuming we've forgiven Lockheed?" However Kitty felt was how he would feel, at least on the outside.
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"I'd come up with some reasons, but since I use the same excuse to keep people from getting mad at me, I probably shouldn't," Clint said.
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"Would it help if I said you can't leave the bed?" Clint replied, wrapping an arm around her and the suit. "One month without trouble, that's all I'm asking for."
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"I know. Doesn't mean I can't ask," Clint said, snuggling closer. "Next time you leave, I'm going with you. Just in case." She could argue if she really wanted to though.
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"Hey, you don't know that. I'm wily," Clint said, smirking and snuggling closer. "My lack of a mutant gene might have kept me safe. Or no one might have wanted to snatch my body. I mean, they'd be crazy not to, because I'm so very hot, but still."
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Clint made a grossed-out face and shook his head. "Okay, that does sound terrible, I'm sorry," he said. "I mean, I'm still going with you when you leave from now on, but I'll agree those aliens sound worse than what I've seen before."
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"I promise not to get turned into an alien who wants to murder you," Clint said solemnly, making a mark over his heart with his finger. "I've had enough mind control to last a lifetime, remember?"
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Clint nods solemnly. "I feel like these are all simple instructions even I can follow, I promise."