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25 Unicorn Street- Thursday

It was a little weird not to be in Clint's New York today, since that had sort of become a thing, but Kitty didn't really want to spend all day explaining the suit, and um. Thanksgiving was kind of awkward when you couldn't eat.

So it was a low-key day. Just Clint and Kitty and the dogs, and pizza. Because what, were they going to do a whole big thing for one person? No. Pizza.

"Next year I'm going to be normal and we're totally doing this right," Kitty stated as she set the food out.

[For the guy who gets to eat food!]
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"Absolutely," Clint said with a nod, because he was perfectly willing to be optimistic for Kitty's sake. "Although, I don't think there's anything wrong with pizza. It's been the Thanksgiving food of people who can't cook for ages."
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"I miss them too. We'll see them at Christmas, when you're back to normal," Clint said firmly.
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"I have all the optimism, remember? You were gone for less than a month. Christmas is a little under a month away. Who knows what could happen in that time?" Clint said.
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"You wouldn't even like this pizza. It's not deep enough," Clint points out. "It's inferior New York style."

Rook was still going to snag some toppings out of Clint's hand though, inferior pizza or no.
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"Only because it's a holiday," Clint said, smirking. "It's a good thing Lucky and Rook aren't so picky or they would starve."