throughaphase: (suit: neutral)
Kitty Pryde-Barton ([personal profile] throughaphase) wrote2015-11-11 05:37 am

The Xavier School- Wednesday afternoon

After two days in a tube, unable to communicate except when Clint was there, not needing to eat or sleep or basically do anything but look out the little window and wave at people, Kitty got to get out. They'd come up with a suit that looked kind of like a uniform, only with a helmet, and being totally enveloped in this suit meant that her molecules would actually stay together, and she could be mobile again. And talk.

In fact, poor Emma had been in the infirmary when Kitty began to talk again, and after begging her to shut up already, once Kitty started wondering aloud how she could see when her body was phased because science didn't work that way, Emma called Clint down so he could deal with it.

So this still wasn't ideal, and the prognosis wasn't terrific, but it was better.

[For the fiance! And for the time being, Kitty's going to be stuck in the suit, which she will always be wearing even when the icons don't reflect that.]

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