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The Xavier School- Wednesday afternoon

After two days in a tube, unable to communicate except when Clint was there, not needing to eat or sleep or basically do anything but look out the little window and wave at people, Kitty got to get out. They'd come up with a suit that looked kind of like a uniform, only with a helmet, and being totally enveloped in this suit meant that her molecules would actually stay together, and she could be mobile again. And talk.

In fact, poor Emma had been in the infirmary when Kitty began to talk again, and after begging her to shut up already, once Kitty started wondering aloud how she could see when her body was phased because science didn't work that way, Emma called Clint down so he could deal with it.

So this still wasn't ideal, and the prognosis wasn't terrific, but it was better.

[For the fiance! And for the time being, Kitty's going to be stuck in the suit, which she will always be wearing even when the icons don't reflect that.]
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Clint was more than happy to deal with Kitty, because dealing with Kitty meant talking, and that was the second best thing. The first, of course, was that Clint was able to go up to her, wrap his arms around the suit, and give Kitty a careful hug. "You are just defying all kinds of science, aren't you?"
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Clint was willing to take every baby step he could get if it meant having Kitty in his arms. "You rebel. You're such a terrible influence," he teased. "Are you feeling any better?"
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Yeah, Clint wasn't letting her go either, so there. "I agree with all of those emotions. Emma seemed so excited about your talking." Clint's sarcasm was back, that was a big sign he was feeling better.
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"Which is amazing considering how much we hated her just a few weeks ago." Yes, their hatred was a package deal, as far as he was concerned. "This has been a really weird few weeks. A therapist would have a field day with any of us."
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"Not unless you want me to tell them you're still alive," Clint said.
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"Uh, I told Allie. I thought she'd want to know," Clint said. "And it was on the radio so... you might have some explaining to do when we get back to town, I'm sorry. My students appreciated me being in a better mood though."
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"Hey, you didn't ask for this to happen," Clint said softly. "We both signed on for this with the superhero gig. The important thing is that you held on and you came back to me."

Or Magneto brought her back but shhh, details.
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"That's because you didn't have me last time," Clint said. "You're not going to be alone this time."
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Clint frowned deeply, and shook his head. "Well, they're not allowed to do that this time. Or else."