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The Xavier School- Monday night

Some things had changed in the weeks Kitty had been presumed probably dead. Instead of Hank being the one to deal with her- he was apparently working with SWORD now?- it was Kavita Rao and Dr. Nemesis. Weird. And it turned out that they'd been sort of prepared to deal with Kitty's situation, as she'd immediately been led into a capsule that would keep her molecules stable enough to keep her from dissipating. Turns out when you'd been in this situation before, they learned how to deal with it. She still couldn't talk or touch anything or become solid at all, but at least she was alive, and on a planet, let alone the right one. She'd take it as a win.

She was trying to watch what she could from the window in the tube, seeing people move around and taking care of Magneto, and while she didn't know what exactly had happened she immediately felt bad about it.

[For the boy!]
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Clint was probably one of the few people not worried about Magneto - he'd been through worse things than this (probably) so he'd be fine (probably). Instead, Clint went up to Kitty's tube, looking it over and trying to make sure it was actually helping.

"I'm gonna have a weird time on any zoo trips for a while," he said. "Thinking about whatever's stuck behind the glass."
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"Hey beautiful," Clint said, grinning at her. Sorry, a bad mood just wasn't happening, not with how happy he was that she was alive. "How are you feeling?"
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"Me? I'm fine." He'd only turned slightly alcoholic and lost a ton of sleep but pfft, that was in the past. "Lucky and Rook missed you. Everyone missed you." They didn't need to discuss how much Clint had missed her, really.
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Clint felt that way too, which was why he put his hand up against the glass of the tube. "You don't have to worry about me. You were the one in trouble. I thought about doing dumb things, but I didn't do them." Mostly because people in Fandom got in his way.
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"I may have thought about messing up Caritas to test the getting-kicked-out-to-the-pond thing if I like, smashed bottles instead. But Tino was there and refused to leave, so maybe he doesn't suck all the time," Clint said.
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"I wish I could hug you too," he said, and man did he hope this was getting fixed soon. "I mean, I never thought I'd see you again, so seeing you is wonderful. But... I can't even imagine what you've been through, and I think you need a hug more than I do."
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"A few weeks. Long enough that it hurt a little less to think about not seeing you again," Clint said, a little quieter. "I know things suck right now, but they sucked so, so much more before."
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Waaaaait a minute. "Has this happened to you before?!"