Feb. 27th, 2016

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Kitty's phone had died at some point during the week, so it wasn't until she got home and plugged it in to charge that she saw how many calls and messages she'd missed. Peter had tried contacting her upwards of twenty times, which was worrying. But maybe not too worrying, since everyone else hadn't tried? It probably meant no one had died, at least. So Kitty tried calling.

And he wasn't picking up. Dammit, Peter.

So figuring he was on a mission, she called the mansion, since at this point someone had to be able to tell her what was going on. She dialed- she still remembered the number from before speed dial- and waited for someone to pick up.


When Kitty recognized the voice, she felt like her heart stopped for a minute. She couldn't be hearing that right. "Who's this?"

"Who's asking?" The thing was, in the tone, it sounded like she knew already.


"Then it's about time," said Illyana.

A moment later Kitty was hanging up to pull up the Portalocity app.

And a moment after that she was dialing the mansion again to explain to a confused Illyana, "I'm so sorry, my brain broke and I jumped the gun on hanging up."



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